Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where did the week go?

Lots of extra stuff happened this week. The Spotlight demonstrations went well. It was a Rally week so I spent a bit of time preparing an Easter themed craft and sewing up their bags from the week before. Jessi and I visited morning kindy and found lots of friends we don't get to see anymore. I'm sure I did more stuff but I can't think of what that was right now!

Check out this ribbon storage idea.

This is how Donna Downey stores her ribbon. I think it's a brilliant idea and might just solve my current messy nest of ribbon problem I currently have. Anyone know where I can find one of these wire thingys?

There was a cyber crop at Scrapbook Essentials last night. Lots of fun and a few challenges given out. This layout was done in 1 hour.

The photo's not the best cos it was taken at night but I couldn't be bothered taking a new pic today. We had to use three papers/cardstock, two photos and two embellishments. Yay for double-sided papers that give you more patterns to choose from!

The journalling reads:
"Will she be horse mad? Just one of the thoughts that went through my mind as I stood and watched you ride. I wondered how much riding lessons would cost - more that competition gym? It was priceless to see you this totally happy."

I actually have more horse riding photos I want to scrap. I came upon a sketch this week that would be perfect but I can't for the life of me find it again. It was for a double layout and had a large circle on the left and then a line of photos going off to the right. Does anyone out there know the one I mean?

Not sure if I will get the other challenges done for the cyber crop - they are due Sunday night but I have a couple of other layouts I wanted to work on this weekend.

Right now my kids need a bit of attention, but before I go ... I received this Totally Fabulous award from Kelly.

Thanks Kelly, I think you are fabulous too - specially since you came out to Spotlight to see my Fiskars demonstration!

And I'd like to pass it across the ditch to my friend Karen who takes time to comment on my blog. She has some pretty amazing layouts on her blog - go take a look!


Karen L said...

Beverly what a neat way to store your ribbons. Great layout - love your choice of papers.

Vicki said...

What a decorative way to store ribbons - might take up too much room for me though.

We've been through the horse thing too but am pleased to say it was just a phase.

Julie said...

OMG that ribbon storage is to pretty to touch!!
Cool layout - its always neat to see what happens when the pressure is one!

aussie said...

I really love the ribbon storage idea too and your horse layout is just gorgeous!

Melissa Goodsell said...

oops, sorry I was signed in as the wrong user, lol.

hannah said...

Well done on the 1h challenge! Great layout.

That's a cool way to store ribbon. Pity I wouldn't have room for it in my scraproom/office/playroom!! LoL :-)

Angel Gurl said...

very cool ribbon storage. Oh I am diasapointed I didn't get to see you demonstrate go Kelly for going along. Loved that layout and I hear you on the bad lighting, I can't be bothered re taking my photo. BTW I loved your page in my CJ and the journalling made me smile. See you Monday at 10.

Trace said...

Very cool ribbon storage, will keep my eyes peeled for one and let you know if I find it - down your way in April so could drop it off on my way to the ferry!

Roo said...

Great layout.
Oh wow on the ribbon storage - does look cool tho

Angela said...

Love the layout of your daughter on the horse, well done for getting it done for the challenge.

Just surfing around, noted your comment, was at Micheles blog, and saw her layout, and noted you had been there at some stage, is this the layout you were thinking of?

Donna said...

Love your layout & wow, what a fab idea to store ribbons! You should see mine.... What a mess!

Mrs Frizz said...

Must say that I quite like that ribbon storage idea as well ... coolies ... and go you - just whipping up a layout, just like that!!! Well done!!!