Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black and White

Well - when life gets hard - I scrap ... and keep busy.

Just had to scrap on Sunday after I found out about Grandad. Thought I'd do Louise's warm up challenge - only I didn't read the bit in the rules about grey tones, so this probably doesn't count but I thought I'd show you anyway.

It's amazing how many supplies I have in black and white - I guess I am a sensible shopper and always buy black or white ... after all they go with anything!

Thanks for your condolences by the way. The funeral was a quiet family affair. My sister and I did a bible reading (without crying), everyone placed a flower on the coffin and I added some star glitter as my final goodbye. Afterwards there was time to catch up with relatives we haven't seen in ages. Nana and Grandad were always big on family so I guess being together like that was something they would have wanted.

Oh and for future reference - when the kids go quiet and stop fighting in the back of the car it means they are about to be sick! We had two car sick kids on the way there - thank you to whoever invented baby wipes, managed to clean up the car and their clothes and still make it to the funeral on time.

I've also been keeping busy by helping pack class kits for the Stacey Julian and friends Crafting Connection. Let me tell you ... I have seen some very yummy stuff go into those kits! Totally can't wait to do the classes it is going to be sooooo fun. If you haven't registered yet there is still time - I am very tempted to add a couple more classes to my timetable - don't want to miss out on all the goodies. And if you are registered - see you there!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The end of an era...

as they say.

It is very hard to believe that a whole year has gone past since I got a phone call from Miss Meg asking me to be on the Scrapbook Essentials Design Team. I think the first thing I said was 'Me? Are you sure?' Thinking surely it can't be true - she must have the wrong person.

But it was me, and I have had a fantastic time working with some gorgeous kits, alongside some super talented chicks for an awesome Scrapbooking Company. I guess over the year I have become a whole lot more confident in my ability and a lot less worried about what people will think of me and my work.

So, anyway, with the end of my year on the team it means there is another design call out. Details here. I highly encourage all you scrapbookers to have a go. Give Meg something to think about - all your talent will astound her and she will have a hard time picking just a few for the new team. It's definitely an experience not to be missed so give it your best shot and who knows, it might be you saying 'Me? Are you sure?'

Here's a layout that you won't have seen yet. I did this for the September Kit but didn't like it, so never got around to taking a pic. I was tiding up a bit yesterday (procrastinating) and found it. I decided it wasn't so bad and besides, that's me jumping off a really high bridge - a bit like how I felt a year ago when I began my term on the design team.

So ... moral of the story ... if I can do it ... you can too!

On a sadder note: It was the end of another era yesterday. My Grandad passed away. He has been sick for sometime now (old age does that) so it was expected that he would die soon. I had hoped he would hang on till his birthday - just two weeks away. Instead he chose Nana's birthday to leave this world. (Nana died 8 and a half years ago.) The funeral is Tuesday so a trip to Wanganui will need to be taken.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I need more

long weekends. Three days is just the right length for a good weekend, especially when the sun is shining.

Didn't end up getting a lot of scrapping done. But did finish this one for the kiwi jack of the month. The original very cool layout belongs to Delys. I loved the black and whiteness of it and just had to jack the dots only I used sequins.

The photos aren't the best quality - scanned from the originals. This is my Grandma and Grandad and four of the five boys they had. (Dad is second from the right in the top photo.)

And a few photos from our visit to Percy's Reserve on Sunday afternoon:

Jessi running - anyone know how to photoshop out those horrible tattoos she plastered on her arms? Grrrrrrr.

The kids - (we swapped Rebekah for Amelia on the right - just for the afternoon)

Jessi being cute.

Feeding the ducks and baby ducklings.

Feeding Jessi!

Is it just my kids or do all kids eat the bread you brought for the ducks?

The bandanna's by the way are from Canteen. We have a kid at church who had leukemia when he was younger. It has become tradition to buy a new bandanna every year when they come out. With three kids we are getting quite a collection now.

OK, better go do something useful.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another one to cross off the list.

I started this week with a long list of scrapbooking challenges to complete. This is not a must do list but rather a great list of suggestions. So that when I get time to scrap I have already got a place to start - some of the options are already thought out for me.

I'd been flicking through my pile of already printed photos for the last week thinking 'scrap a mood' (NZ Dares challenge) nothing had really jumped out at me until I looked again at a photo of Alexander with me in the background. So I had the photo - had the mood - and then Megan put up the Friday night challenge - so I had the ingredients. And then it was just a matter of putting it all together.

I love it when it all comes together so easily. And there is still plenty of 'suggestions' on my list in case I should get more scrapping time this weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

And the winner is ...

... Donna aka Deebee. I have your address on the back of the cj parcel you posted so I'll get a little something off to you in the next few days.

Yet another challenge blog that I follow. I won't say 'keep up with' cause I don't do very well at keeping up with any of them - what's that saying about the deadline whooshing past? Anyway - I have managed to do my first SALT challenge. The topic was creation, and from the moment I read it I had this song floating around in my head:

I am a new creation
No more in condemnation
Here in the grace of God I stand
My heart is overflowing
My love just keeps on growing
Here in the grace of God I stand

And I will praise You Lord
Yes, I will praise You Lord
And I will sing of all that You have done

A joy that knows no limit
A lightness in my spirit
Here in the grace of God I stand
©1983 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Words and Music by Dave Bilgrough

So this is what I came up with. Both not very flattering photos of me but I guess they get the point across. I've decided to make a faith book in the 12x 6 size - it's fun doing something a little different from the normal 12x 12 square.

This layout is also based on one of the Becky Fleck sketches from the latest Basic Grey newsletter. So it came together nice and quickly for me.

October Kit Gallery
The kit layouts by the design team at SE have gone up in the gallery this week. So I can share those too.

OK so I would share the rest but blogger is not playing nicely. But you can go here and see more. And that way you also get to see what the other DT members have done too.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Feeling a little tired.

While I wanted to be away at SENZ this weekend, it wasn't to be and instead I was at Rally camp. Rally is similar to Guides/Scouts and I've been a somewhat reluctant leader this year (due to lack of time mostly). Despite my disorganised state we managed to take 18 kids from our Rally and joined with others from the district - about 100 kids in total. We had a fantastic time. Junk food, lots of mud and talking till late at night.

I guess the best thing for me was the realisation that I could keep up with the kids. We took them on a long walk up a hill and down the other side and back along the Hutt river. I was the leader at the front - keeping up with the kids running ahead. Keeping up! This is big - in the past I would have been the leader at the back, puffing and red faced and struggling to keep up. O.K - so I was still puffing and red faced at times but only cause I ran. And I played a game of basketball - and kept up - even with ugg boots on! It's amazing what a difference 60kgs less can make ... and lots of cups of coffee, coke zero and the occasional panadol tablet.

On the scrapping front... I have been working hard with the October SE kit. (Layouts to be seen soon.) And I did my first 6 x 12 layout for Scrap of Faith's birthday competition.
Might just have to do some more this size to match.

Oh and it was my first 'blogiversary' last week. Can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year. I'm feeling kinda generous right now, so how about everyone leaves me a comment on this post and I will draw a name sometime later in the week and send out a little rakking goodness. (This is the time for all you lurkers to come out of hiding and let me know you're reading - please.)

Monday, October 08, 2007

More Inspiration

I've been trying out a few different techniques in my work recently. So I thought I'd share a few links to places where my inspiration has come from.

The first is Melissa Goodsell. I absolutely love her stuff - she's into more than just scrapbooking. Lots of stitching and check out those yummy little teacups she just whipped up. So, inspired by Melissa, I've had my sewing machine out lately - infact I left it out most of the weekend!

I've used it on layouts but also sewed up these book covers - if I owe you a P.I.F gift then you might just get to see one of these in real life sometime soon. ;o)

The next is another aussie Stephi Kemp. I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled across her blog but I love the artiness of her stuff. The collage stuff caught my eye and I also love the painted/stamped backgrounds which she actually describes how to do - very helpful for someone who wants to give it a go too. Must buy some twinkling h2o's cause I really, really like that look.

And some more arty inspiration comes from Marieke. I was rather taken with a fairy layout she did for Scrapgal called believe. It looks deliciously messy with paint and masking.

I was working on a layout over the weekend and thought I might try this masking game with the paint that comes with this months add on kit at Scrapbook Essentials. I was looking around for something to use as a mask and eventually decided to try using a wide piece of lace. Love how it turned out - just gotta master that 'simple' look cause by the time I'd finished the layout I'd covered most of it up! LOL

Anyway, on Marieke's blog she has put up a challenge for World Card Making Day. She said to use accetate and paint. And cause I had those things out for the layout I'd just finished - how could I not have a go!

So, for the first card I used the same lace as a mask and used the teal paint first, then moved it and used white paint. I've smeared kindy glitz and dimensional magic on the other side of the accetate which gives it a sparkle. Then added the bits of Scenic Route paper and the rubons. Trying very hard to keep it simple and not cover up all the paint!

It kinda looks messy it the pic - it's really hard to take a photo of an acetate card, (specially when you have a 3yr old helper) but it does look better in real life - honest! The paint has a lacey texture to it which looks kinda cool and there's way more sparkle too.

And cause I had a bit of acetate left - thought I might as well make another one. This time I painted in teal and then stamped the words in white. Added the circles and rubons and then discovered I could scrape the paint off again which is what I did around the top circle.

That's another two cards to add to my stash, so thanks for the challenge Marieke. :o)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eye Candy

I just found the most coolest shop ever!

It's a combination of all my favourite Etsy shops all grouped together and in real life! For those in Wellington it's in the Marsden Village shops in Karori and it's called Inky Pinky Inc.

I so wish I had my camera with me, cause the inspiration was amazing. They had an awesome display with the coolest cake plate in the middle - I mentioned to Alexander that he might want to show Daddy this shop sometime before my birthday!

There was handmade jewelry and acrylic letters (like wooden ones but see through and just asking to be altered) and felt stuff - oh the felt stuff! So much inspiration!

I found these very cool felt butterflies and some felt ribbon - which I just had to buy. I took note of some very neat felt brooches and cute felt bags.

Definitely worth another trip to Karori in the near future I think.

The cards in the pic above are some of last nights creations. I suddenly had a need for a few cards so had to visit the daring cardmakers to get some inspiration. Very simple - I pulled out some Tinkering Ink paper, some wiggly scissors and black rubons. One had to have a frame on it and the other a postage stamp.

Really pleased with the postage stamp idea. Grandma had given me these stamps some time ago - she's 93 and still saves all her stamps. I hadn't even thought of using them for creating with! So thanks for the idea daring cardmakers.

Happy birthday to Nan Jules in the deep south. Hope you are having a fab day. Expect some mail in a couple of days - just posted today from Karori!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today I swapped my two girls for a couple of boys from church and took them and Alexander to see Ratatouille at the movies.

Not a smart move for someone scared of rodents!

Mostly they were furry and fake looking but when there was lots of them all running together ... and they had tails ... and they moved like real rats ... uuggghh.

Should've watched the superhero doggy one!

Oh and Mrs Frizz: Those hearts in the last layout were just cut by hand. Nothing fancy, just my trusty scissors and a craft knife for the insides. :o)