Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today I swapped my two girls for a couple of boys from church and took them and Alexander to see Ratatouille at the movies.

Not a smart move for someone scared of rodents!

Mostly they were furry and fake looking but when there was lots of them all running together ... and they had tails ... and they moved like real rats ... uuggghh.

Should've watched the superhero doggy one!

Oh and Mrs Frizz: Those hearts in the last layout were just cut by hand. Nothing fancy, just my trusty scissors and a craft knife for the insides. :o)


Karen L said...

Oh Beverley I would be a bit like you too - can't handle rats not even as pets. Hope you enjoyed your outing for the most part though.

Hannah said...

Hehe! I took Ethan to see that last week. I thought it was cute! I don't like rats but somehow the cartoon-y ones don't scare me too much ;-)

Kelly said...

Mr 6 got to see this as a birthday party gig - really bummed cos it looked quite good! Might have to make time to see it for myself!