Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Scrap Camp was Awesome.

Well, it's over and I've come back to another full on week of life, but it was fantastic. Loved every minute of it - except the bit at 3am when I resorted to counting sheep to try and get to sleep!

I don't have much to show for my efforts, 3 layouts and a few cards. Basically I did what I was told to do (classes and challenges) and nothing more - so much for my intentions of getting christmas cards done. There's just something about a challenge, with a promise of a prize up for grabs, that gets me scrapping. Our table took the challenges very seriously of course - being so practiced in challenges as we are.

Loved meeting up with my imaginary friends - Kelly, Ilka, Steph, Delys , Kirsty and Megan from the DT at Scrapbook Essentials, and others too - sorry if I've missed your name off the list. Kelly is taller in real life and Delys is actually Deleese not Delis!

The Joshua layout is Faye's class, I stuck pretty much to the instructions on this one - the words at the bottom I copied off Kelly (Thanks Kell)

Little Miss Independent was a one hour challenge - had to have doodling and hand writing. One hour was a big challenge for me and some of that doodling happened after the layouts had been judged.

And the Christmas one - another challenge which I spent way too much time messing around with.

Nic's class was great too - but I'm not showing you that cause it will be a christmas present for someone. Not sure who yet!

As I said before I loved every minute of camp - only wish it had been longer!

We called in to Wanganui on the way home to see Grandad. He's looking very old - but then I guess he is! The kids kept their distance a bit - I guess we don't see him often enough, but I did managed to bribe them so we could get a photo.

I'm off to the zoo tomorrow - provided the weather behaves itself. Alexander will be disapointed if it gets cancelled. So if you've got sun please send it to Wellington tomorrow!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

One more sleep...

...till scrap camp.

Sort of can't wait - but between there and here I've got such a lot to do - that I'm not actually that excited. I had this great idea that the rest of the family should travel north with me - and stay in Tokoroa while I was at camp. But it has now dawned on me that I now have five bags to pack - instead of just my own stuff. I am finding it hard enough trying to decide what scrapping stuff to take let alone having to think about the essentials (and non essentials) the kids need to take.

Still - I'm looking forward to the part when I get to be at scrap camp - without the kids - meeting my on-line friends, scrapping up a storm and having some good old fashioned scrapping fun!

I made my daring cardmakers card early this week - well, I didn't leave it till the last minute atleast. I wasn't very adventurous with my different language - quite predictable actually - but I'm happy with it. I was actually trying to figure out my card design for this years christmas cards - I usually come up with one design then vary it a bit with different papers/ribbons - but I think making three chipboard presents for each card may take a bit too long. I wonder what just one present would look like ...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I've been embroodling!

The girls on the SE forum were talking about embroodling a few weeks back - so I thought I'd give it a try. Monique came up with the word and Dallas gave us a good example - also a tip about how it helps 'anchor' stuff to the page - visually as well as literally! (Check out Dallas' blog - she has some exciting news to share.)

So anyway - you get to see a bit of my embroodling (just like saying that word) here and you get to see the rest of it real soon in the Scrapbook Essentials Gallery - as part of my very first design team assignment. Keep an eye out for when it goes up.

I have also fallen in love with black gesso paint - that stuff is amazing - sooooo essential for chipboard. Especially for chipboard books, shaped like flowers, with 10 pages in them! No more waiting for the paint to dry and then having to do another coat or two. With this stuff you just paint it on once and it's practically dry straight away, ready to go stuff!

Oh yeah - and going back to Dallas' tip about 'anchoring' stuff to a page - I had this little bit of advice in mind when I created a layout last week, and this week that same layout is flying it's way over to Australia. I submitted it to For Keeps and they wanted it! Totally exciting for me - it was one of my goals to get published in For Keeps. Of course I have to wait until something like April next year but it's still exciting.

I've just set a new goal - inspired by Megan - I want to get something on the Basic Grey web site. (Click that link and you should see Megan's awesome work.) I love Basic Grey - probably still my favourite papers. So it will be a fun goal to work towards.

Well, I had better get my head out of the scrapping clouds and find some dinner for my starving family. Until next time ....

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another year older...

... another year wiser - well, some would debate that one! Check out what I got for breakfast:

Pancakes, berries and cream - yummy. Isn't my hubby nice! Nevermind about the weight-watchers points I used up just looking at it! And of course now there's a whole bowl of cream in the fridge - just waiting to be eaten....

I'm having a pretty good day - but boy did it go fast. Not sure how that happened, I didn't even do much. Nevermind. Thanks to the lovely girls from the Scrapbook Essentials Forum for the birthday greetings, cards and gifts I have received - you guys are awesome!

And I know I've left it till the last minute again, but here's my card for the daring cardmakers dare. Sewing this time - and the buttons are from my Grandma's stash - gotta be atleast 60 years old I reckon!

Going out for dinner - gotta go!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time for more show and tell.

I made this last week for Grace's Nana. (My kids call her Nana Harding) I was planning on making a canvas but I didn't have a lot of time so I just scrapped it like an ordinary page and then stuck it on a wooden board with the sides inked black. The ribbons go right round the sides of the board.

Took some cool photos today of Jessi and her little friend Charlize. They go to Mainly Music together - and spend a lot of time jumping up and down and squealing together.

Right, gotta go make some dinner - wish it would make itself just once in a while!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Goodbye Grace...

...and Tim and Angela. They've gone - we didn't think they'd actually do it - or rather hoped they wouldn't- but little bro Tim and Angela and baby Grace - who isn't really a baby anymore- really did get on a plane today heading for England. They've sold their house, put their stuff in storage, packed a couple of suitcases and gone. Little Gracie had no idea that she was saying goodbye and blowing kisses for good. Well, for a good two years atleast - not just overnight, or a week, or even a month, but for two years. Will she even recognise us when they come back? She'll have grown up and she'll have a little English accent. They'll have a fantastic overseas experience and hopefully they'll buy us lots of presents but we will miss them lots...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Just a quick post to put up my card making dare card. I found a white candle and drew a flower - then painted it with food colouring. (Back to school stuff) Added some poppy seeds just for interest!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Entry - the real story!

Am I totally crazy to use a photo like that? What on earth was I thinking? I remember not more than a few months ago I had no photos of myself - it was so difficult to scrap that first page about me - and now here I am using a crazy photo like that - and putting it on my blog for all to see.

Isn't she such a beautiful princess! I had to hang this on the lounge wall to get the pics cause her bedroom wall is actually bright blue - maybe one day we will redecorate to match the mirror! The board and mirror were actually left over from the craft day I ran. We did mosaics - broken tiles and grout - I thought it was a good use of supplies I already had.

Any guesses as to how many photos I took - just to get one good one of the three of them? It was lots - and not without a bit of bribery too.

"But Mummy why do we have to lie on this white table cloth?"

"Alexander's squashing me ..."

At first when I looked at these photos I was really disappointed - I'd tried really hard but they just weren't perfect. But then I looked at them again and I began to see a layout forming. These photos show my kids as they really are - there's personality in them kids!