Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The SENZ report.

So I had a fantastic weekend away. SENZ was a lot of fun.

I met heaps of people - it was great to meet in real life my fellow design team members and Meg from Scrapbook Essentials. Loved watching Jo at work teaching (while pretending to 'help' in her classes.) Megan was a great taxi driver, Neen is sooooo much younger looking in real life and Meg is... well, Meg!

We had dinner out together on Friday night which was a great opportunity to get to know each other.

I stayed with Trace at the motel she was sharing with a couple of other ladies. She was a fantastic host and taxi driver. Took me to a bunch of other shops ... even found a starbucks for me on Sunday morning for that much needed 'real' coffee. Thanks for everything Trace, it was great to get to know you.

I met lots of other on-line people but there were also heaps that I missed meeting ... like Debbie - I had the next circle journal to pass on to her.

I don't seem to have a lot to show for it but I managed to spend quite a bit! I guess I got a lot of little bits and pieces which all add up. I managed to find Arthur's Emporium which was a fantastic treasure trove of lots of things. They had lace and ribbons and felt and bling and buttons (a huge bag for $3) and beads and lots of other stuff.

And SENZ South is only 5 months away!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Taking the Scenic Route.

Got this on my doorstep today.

The June Kit from Scrapbook Essentials. Meg has better pics on the S.E. site here. If you haven't already ordered - go do it now, cause these are gonna sell quick! It is seriously yummy. Just love the birds and the arrows and the colours and those alphas by Junkitz are very, very cool.

Actually it's the box they come in that I like best of all - I can just see it altered and filled with something ... gotta work on that idea I think.

Love that I get the kit now ... and don't have to wait till the 1st of June.
Love that I get to design a layout to go in the kit - so that when you get your kit (which of course you've ordered already) you'll have instructions on how to make stuff using the kit.
Love that half the stuff in this kit was already on my wishlist of must have scrapping supplies.
Love that these kits are great value for money and everyone who gets one will be extremely happy with the contents.

Right .... kids are going to bed early tonight ... I need to play!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photography 101

Mandi Haynes is taking a photography course over at SBO. One of my goals for this year was to take better photos for my layouts - so it made sense to sign up and actually attempt to achieve that goal.

I've had my new (Gary's old) Pentax SLR camera for a little while now, and I'm quite comfortable with using it on automatic - but last night I was busy searching the manual for the technical bits Mandi was telling us to change it to. Talk about jumping in the deep end! And you know, I've learned all this before, years ago. It was so very familiar yet so very over my head! My task for the next two weeks is to read the manual, read the class notes and attempt the class 'assignments.' Mandi's disclaimer says she can't make me a professional photographer overnight - but I don't know .... just maybe ....

And this is for Angela...

Hope you like. I'm thinking your parents will be very close to their baggage weight limit when they come to see you. The photo is slightly blurry but I thought it was still worth using. Don't imagine that Tim or Grace would be terribly co-operative when it comes to taking photos. Tim being Tim and Grace being two!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Um .... sneaky peeks?

Well - I stopped scrapping ... and boy was it hard to start again. It's kinda weird cause I know I love it, the kit was just perfect for me this month and I've had all that freestyle inspiration but I couldn't seem to make myself do it.

But - I did eventually. Angela put an order in for some scrap canvas' - apparently her walls in England are bare. So that was a good starting point - I scrapped a canvas for England. Is there any point in actually putting up a sneaky peek when you can see the whole thing in the morning? Maybe it's best looked at as a close up of the flower - kinda freestyle inspired. (Thanks to the mystery raker who sent the flower bits.)

Time for bed ... all will be revealed tomorrow at Scrapbook Essentials.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I got a really cool gift today... a peg ... a little tiny peg with a ladybird on one side and a magnet on the other. It came with this poem:

This peg is for holding
and notices
kindy help rosters
that tell you
whose go it is
doctor's appointments
appointments in town
all of this paper war
sure wears you down
more stuff to remember
more stuff to forget
you're lost in the middle
so busy
and yet...
all of the details
on this peg you shove
adds up to a child
who's secure in your love.

Another cool gift from Mainly Music and even cooler ... it came with a coffee bag and an after dinner mint and a bannoffi pie chocolate. (Yes, I will work out the points before I eat them.)

And random fact #3 (thanks Kelly) I drink my coffee black because when I was flatting we used to run out of milk - or it would go off in the fridge - so I just learned to drink it black.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's about time...

I blogged again.

It seems I have been tagged ... ages ago actually.

Question is - can I come up with 5 quirky things and 7 random facts/habits about myself? I don't know that I'm that interesting!

1. I don't eat green lollies - unless there is no other choice and I'm desperate, oh and green eskimo lollies are allowed.

2. When sleeping in a sleeping bag I have to have the zipper at the end open - hate having my feet trapped.

O.K - I'm done, I can't think of anything else! Help me out - ask me some questions and then all I have to do is come up with the answers.

I'll leave you with a photo - Zina and me!