Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's about time...

I blogged again.

It seems I have been tagged ... ages ago actually.

Question is - can I come up with 5 quirky things and 7 random facts/habits about myself? I don't know that I'm that interesting!

1. I don't eat green lollies - unless there is no other choice and I'm desperate, oh and green eskimo lollies are allowed.

2. When sleeping in a sleeping bag I have to have the zipper at the end open - hate having my feet trapped.

O.K - I'm done, I can't think of anything else! Help me out - ask me some questions and then all I have to do is come up with the answers.

I'll leave you with a photo - Zina and me!


Janine said...

love the photo. hmmm Mike has a thing about green lollies and in particular lime! Me its a blue lolly thing.

Kelly said...

Very cool pic there! And Ok - to help you out - are you a tea drinker or a coffee afficianado??

Hannah said...

LOL at the green lollies - you're the second person I've heard about lately who doesn't like green lollies!!! ;-)