Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well, yesterday was Monday and that meant weigh in at WW's.

I lost nothing ... absolutely nothing! After all that water I drank and two deep water exercise classes and counting points without cheating and still ... nothing!

Feeling just a little ripped off at the moment, let's hope next week is better!

I've been busy trying to get some layouts done for the SBO Get Real comp. I've been doing it kinda half heartedly ... not really sure if I'll have time to finish it and also I have issues with the products I have available to use. But anyway, I'm getting layouts done so we'll see on Saturday just how many I've got that fit in the rules.

Then on Saturday night Scrap of Faith had a cyber crop. So I had a go at the two challenges there. The first needed to be in by Midnight Sat and had to have the word faith in it somewhere. I had this photo of my brother and Gracie walking somewhere in England that I've been wanting to scrap for ages.

The second I had until Monday to do - it had to be a scrap lift and the topic was forgiveness. Well I spent ages looking at Ali Russells work and decided on one of her layouts to lift. She does amazing work and such fun to lift.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments I've received about my creations - so thanks.

And ... big news ...

after thinking and considering and researching and thinking some more I have now booked tickets to Auckland for the end of May and tickets to SENZ. Haven't booked any classes yet but I'll be at the Crop and I'm expecting to meet some of you Auckland chicks - oh and Meg from Invercargill.

It's gonna be fun.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Kit from Scrapbook Essentials

Well, I can't believe how fast the days go by. It's already the 15th of the month and our work with this months kit is up at Scrapbook Essentials .

Seeing as the days crept up on me real fast, I did my sneak peeks last night at the Wellington SE crop. Had a fab time by the way with a few ladies I've got to know on-line and I actually managed to complete 98% of a layout for the 'swap your scraps' swap at SE. I got a great pile of scraps and managed to use just a few for this layout. I even had enough to cut out that flower from one piece and the little vellum 'determination' word. With a word like that it just had to be a layout about Jessi.

As for the kit work - I've tried to keep mostly to what was in the kit, cause I believe that if you are going to buy the kit then you should be able to make layouts out of it without having to add too much of your own stuff.

So with this one I have used some alphabet stickers from Making memories - but I stamped them with the gold ink pad included in the kit before I peeled them off the sheet. This idea might need a bit more experimenting - cause the ink is still coming off on my fingers! And I also used some Heidi Swapp chipboard letters from the previous kits. Oh and there are a couple of gold brads there which weren't in the kit ... but everything else was!
This is the layout I did while away last weekend - so I kinda had to stick with the kit contents cause that's all I had with me. Love those scenic route rubons. Oh and I've added some gems which I just bought ... hey they were new, I had to use them. When I first got the kit I put the orange papers away, cause I don't do orange, but then these photos kinda needed orange so I got over that little hang up.

Lots of stitching on this one - and those new gem thingys. And I ended up with a kinda lonely empty bit to the right of the photo so I had to find some basic grey rubons to go there. But the rest of the stuff is from the kit. Oh but not those 'about' letters, they are scenic route though so I thought they'd go with the rubons. The 'what I love about you' words were printed in a straight line - I thought I was quite creative to cut them up and turn them into a title like that!

And I made a card this morning. I had to look up the 'daring cardmakers' for a bit of inspiration and found a sketch to go from. This is what I came up with. Gotta love how double sided papers give you twice the options for colours and patterns.

And after all that I still have enough stuff to keep me going for a whole lot more layouts yet. So if you haven't already, check out the Scrapbook Essentials Kits and order next months kit. And as an extra special - it's my turn to provide instructions on how to complete a layout using next months kit!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Well, hello

One of these days I'm going to update my blog more regularly. Maybe if I do it before I check the e-mail and the forums and the blogs ... I wouldn't run out of time and that would be good.

Elsie - again.

This was her one week challenge. We had to scrap about a day in our life. I honestly did not realise I did so much in one day. So much, in fact, that I had to narrow it down and cut stuff out. Seeing as I've just officially become a real, paid up, member of weightwatchers I took the weightwatching aspects of my day and wrote about them.

I used my new top as the inspiration of the layout and dragged out my puff paint and kindy glitz. I should really have practiced doodling with puff paint before I tried it on a layout which had wobbly bits! Never mind.

Speaking of wobbly bits - I've been walking before breakfast most mornings. It's surprising just how many people are out and about at 6.30am. Apart from the getting up bit, it's a great time to walk!

I've tried Aqua Jogging once too. Is that not the most insane form of exercise ever?! A bunch of 'larger' people, with floaty belt thingys, doggy paddling around and around and around and around.... in the diving pool. But - it's exercise and it works my arms as well as those other wobbly bits, so I guess I'll be back there next week.

Well, anyway, weigh in is on Monday's. Last week I'd lost 2.2kgs, this week won't be quite so successful - those easter eggs and girl guide biscuits just seem to jump out of the cupboard at me!

I'll let you know....