Saturday, March 03, 2007

Well, hello

One of these days I'm going to update my blog more regularly. Maybe if I do it before I check the e-mail and the forums and the blogs ... I wouldn't run out of time and that would be good.

Elsie - again.

This was her one week challenge. We had to scrap about a day in our life. I honestly did not realise I did so much in one day. So much, in fact, that I had to narrow it down and cut stuff out. Seeing as I've just officially become a real, paid up, member of weightwatchers I took the weightwatching aspects of my day and wrote about them.

I used my new top as the inspiration of the layout and dragged out my puff paint and kindy glitz. I should really have practiced doodling with puff paint before I tried it on a layout which had wobbly bits! Never mind.

Speaking of wobbly bits - I've been walking before breakfast most mornings. It's surprising just how many people are out and about at 6.30am. Apart from the getting up bit, it's a great time to walk!

I've tried Aqua Jogging once too. Is that not the most insane form of exercise ever?! A bunch of 'larger' people, with floaty belt thingys, doggy paddling around and around and around and around.... in the diving pool. But - it's exercise and it works my arms as well as those other wobbly bits, so I guess I'll be back there next week.

Well, anyway, weigh in is on Monday's. Last week I'd lost 2.2kgs, this week won't be quite so successful - those easter eggs and girl guide biscuits just seem to jump out of the cupboard at me!

I'll let you know....


Hannah said...

Wow, I love that page Beverley! And what a great topic. I love how you used the clothing tag (scanned??) at the top of your journalling. Very cool indeed!!

Good luck for the weigh-in on Monday. I have my monthly weigh-on at Curves on Monday too. Pity about the buffet dinner at the wedding we went to last night ... and the mini easter eggs that jumped off the shelf into my supermarket trolley yesterday!! GULP!

Karen L said...

Bev I think your page is simply stunning too. Love the title and love how you have journalled about your day. The colours are fabulous too.

Congratulations on your weight loss - hope you have another big loss again this week

Dianna said...

Just love this layout Beverly. And congrads on the weight loss and yes those eggs are calling me too.

Julie said...

That page is just awesome! Love the title.
Fab wright loss - easter eggs attack me!! LOL - and I've got fundraising chocolate here as well - help!!
Good luck with the weigh in :)