Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daylight Savings

Mostly I don't like daylight savings. I don't like change I guess. I resist changing the clocks until the Monday after, sometimes Sunday but never the night before!

So daylight savings is here - it's almost 7pm and still light outside. My problem with this is that the kids want to go to bed a little later - which means my 'scrapping' time starts a little later, and goes a little later. And then it's hard to get up a little earlier in the morning! I was having a hard enough time getting up in the mornings as it was.

But I just discovered a good thing about daylight saving that I hadn't considered before. More daylight in the evening means more opportunity to photograph layouts in the daylight. So - given the extended opportunity I was able to photograph my 'pink' layout from yesterday:

I spent yesterday at Kiwiscraps for scrap pink. It was fun - a little squishy but fun. (Thanks for squashing over for me Kirsty.) I worked on this one layout most of the day - too much fluffing about and talking I suppose. See the little birdie:

That was a technique that Kirsty showed us how to do. Using that thick melty, embossing powder type stuff - opals maybe? You put lots of layers on though and then stamp into it while it's still warm to give it that cool texture. Just had to make a bird to use on my layout.

The flowers, by the way, were made with some felt which I wet felted. I demonstrated this technique yesterday and had ladies making a good soapy mess - and some pretty coloured felt squares too. Not everyone's 'cup of tea' some found it a little too slimey! (Thanks for being enthusiastic Kelly!)

It was a fun day, anyway - thanks for the ride home Ali! Oooh and speaking of Ali - she won the page of the day comp. with a very cool 'bugaloo' page - apparently you gotta be old enough to know what that means. Anyway it was a very cool page and it was neat being able to watch her create.

I'm in sympathy with Mrs Frizz right now. I have a cold and my nose and eyes are running, my head feels stuffed up and just icky. Might just have to go off to bed early...

Friday, September 28, 2007

School Holidays

Has anyone noticed it's school holiday time? That means my kids are not at school all day - they are at home.

This means two things to me:
  1. We are not so rushed in the mornings. I can sleep in a little. The kids can watch t.v. in their p.j's without me constantly reminding them to get dressed.
  2. They need a little attention throughout the day to keep them from trashing my house and ripping each other's limbs off.
So here's how week one went:

Monday - I had a few scrapping projects to work on. The kids created too - mostly a mess but it kept them happy and occupied.

Tuesday - I worked at Kiwiscraps. Teaching First Steps to Scrapbooking for kids and teens. My kids went to Nana Hardings for the day and I got to play with paper and glue with a bunch of other peoples kids.

Wednesday - We had good, clean, messy fun at home. First we did some wet felting with soap and water. Then we made slime.

Lux soap flakes, warm water and green food colouring. Kept them busy for a while and I now have a very clean roasting dish and table.

Thursday- I was back at Kiwiscraps. Nana Harding took the kids out for the day. My kids made crafty things at Capital E. And I made a mini book with lots of different crafty techniques - while helping a bunch of other people's kids make their own book.

And that brings us to Friday. Today the sun is shining. Rebekah is counting down the minutes till 11am when she has arranged to go to a friends house. I have a circle journal to drop off down the road. A layout to post to Scrapbooking Memories (yes!). And Jessi has a ballet lesson at 3pm.

Better go get some of those things done.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kiwi Jack Me Up

I finally managed to get this one finished.

Had this little guy sitting around for a while now. It was about time I used him. With the beads on top like that it makes it a pretty lumpy bumpy layout - but that's o.k cause I'll probably glue it to a board and call it wall art. It will make a good present for Charlize's mum.

The details: The lovely jackee was Ann and her layout can be found here. Thanks for allowing us to jack you Ann. Such a beautiful layout and lots of fun to Jack.

I've used the Basic Grey Periphery papers on this one. Beautiful papers for a beautiful little girl. I took this photo of Charlize at the zoo last time we went. Just through that window is a lion eating a leg of horse or cow or something!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some Cool News

Up2Scrap have announced their new Elite Design Team. And no, I didn't make it - but I did get a highly commended mention and my stuff will be in the November Issue!

Big Congratulations to my fellow Scrapbook Essentials DT member Megan - who made the team. And to the others too.

And also to Louise who got a highly commended mention too. Now there's one scrapper to keep an eye on. Louise made second place in the SE Ultimate Scrapbooker competition with some pretty amazing layouts!

Gotta admit I spent a fair amount of time planning and completing my entry - I tried really hard! (Well, as hard as I could while balancing a rather hectic lifestyle - including a trip to the snow. ) I even have another 'almost complete' off the page project here which I'd started but decided it really didn't have the 'wow' factor I was after - so I ditched it ... must finish it off sometime.

And 'cos all good blog posts need a picture - this is a layout for SE done with this months kit. More can be found here.

I'm still working with the kit - just got kinda distracted with a circle journal that's due to be posted on Monday. And a kiwi jack me up layout which is lying half finished on my table.

I've been saving up this quote for ages. Just knew it would be perfect for a layout on my 'real boy.'

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Bunch of Random Stuff.

Has anyone seen my square hole punch? It's gone missing and I want it! I wanted it so bad I even tidied my desk - but I didn't find it, so I've used a round one instead.
I've been busy working with the September Scrapbook Essentials Kit. Basic Grey Recess papers and other bits Meg put in - she's so good at putting the kits together.

Check out today at my place:

Loving that spring weather. Should've gone for a walk this afternoon while Jessi was at kindy - only I'm so tired, not sure what my problem is but I'm all sleepy so I curled up in the sun and had a Nana nap instead.

Speaking of Nana's - actually Grandma. She wasn't too well this week so I've had a couple of trips up to the hospital to see her. She's doing pretty well for 93 - just a little confused.

Right - I need to go, Alexander has gone to get the washing in off the line - only I know he can't reach the pegs so I'm not sure just how those towels will be coming down. And then I've got a very important game of super hero memory to play before cooking dinner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feeling Good

I can ski!

It seems that skiing is much like riding a bike - 15 years later and I could still do it. OK so I sat down a couple of times - but it was so fun.

The kids, on the other hand, hated it. The snow was cold and wet and they were tired and grumpy. I spent most of the morning trying to beat the grizzles and keep them happy. Fortunately there were a few big youth group kids that helped entertain them.

They had moments of 'this is fun' ... and now, three days later they seem to be remembering the fun times and not the grizzles.

Weightwatchers News:
I finally reached the magic 10% loss - that would be 10% of my joining weight. But add that to my own efforts before I officially joined ww and I have now officially lost 60kgs!!!!!!!

Kris and Karen please p.m me on one of the forums with your addresses and I will send you something. Janine - I know where you live!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Going to the Snow

In a moment of weakness - I seem to have agreed to take our three kids on the Youth Group Snow Camp.

It didn't seem like such a bad idea when I thought of the photos I could take - fun in the snow stuff. Next time there is a scrapbooking winter challenge - I'll be prepared!

But packing stuff for a weekend away at the snow is a bit more than I'd first anticipated. They need warm clothes, waterproof clothes, hats, jackets, sun screen and gloves ...

Why is it, that I've spent all winter finding random gloves lying around the house and putting them away and yet - when it comes to pack their bags I can only find one of each glove.

I have 1 pink one with snow flakes.
1 red one with numbers on the fingers.
1 spider man looking one.

But not two the same! O.K so kids - either you need to lose a hand each or build your snowman with one hand in your pocket!

I'm hoping that going with the youth group will mean lots of teenage babysitters for the kids and I can have a go at skiing - it's been something like 15 years since I last went up the mountain.

Gotta go get those bags packed.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Paying it Forward

Yep, it's the latest 'thing' to do. But it's a really neat idea and I'm all for spreading a little love around.

The lovely Jasmine, whom I know from Scrap of Faith will be sending me a little something and I'm out to Pay it Forward. Leave a comment on this post and I'll pay it forward by sending you a handmade 'something.' You in return will pay it forward by giving a little something to somebody else. You don't need your own blog to do this - just pay it forward to someone in your life who needs a little cheering up.

Now I'm not planning on making loads of gifts ... given that lots of you have already played this game I'm not expecting lots of comments ... but should it be necessary I will do the 'pick some names out of the box' thing.

So then, I'll leave it till the end of the week for you to express your interest and we'll go from there.