Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feeling Good

I can ski!

It seems that skiing is much like riding a bike - 15 years later and I could still do it. OK so I sat down a couple of times - but it was so fun.

The kids, on the other hand, hated it. The snow was cold and wet and they were tired and grumpy. I spent most of the morning trying to beat the grizzles and keep them happy. Fortunately there were a few big youth group kids that helped entertain them.

They had moments of 'this is fun' ... and now, three days later they seem to be remembering the fun times and not the grizzles.

Weightwatchers News:
I finally reached the magic 10% loss - that would be 10% of my joining weight. But add that to my own efforts before I officially joined ww and I have now officially lost 60kgs!!!!!!!

Kris and Karen please p.m me on one of the forums with your addresses and I will send you something. Janine - I know where you live!


Hannah said...

Beverly, you are so inspiring!! 60kg, that is just fantastic!! Well done!!!! You should write into one of those mags (Slimming or WW) with your story, you could probably win something!

Sounds like YOU had a fun weekend skiing ... pity the kids didn't like it so much. It does get quite cold and wet though, doesn't it? At least you have some photos of them enjoying themselves so they'll probably want to go back again ;-)

Kris said...

Wow - WTG Bev - 60kgs is fanastic!

Cool pics - wonder if I can still ski - has been about that long for me too.

Cool - thanks re the PIF!

Janine said...

that snowman is so cute.....and go you for skiing you look like you certainly look like you know what your doing in that photo. Well done on the weight loss thats an awesome effort Beverley!! Fricking fantastic.

Kelly said...

Great that the kids' grizzle-grumps didn't get you down. Woohoo that you can still ski. I never could so I doubt I'll ever get teh knack. And I couldn't stand seeing the 3 yo's whizzing past me like they were born with skis attached!!
Godd stuff on teh weightloss - your *focus* must really be working. I bet you go right past those choccy biscuits on special at the supermarkets at the moment! You must do, cos they end up in My trolley! :)

Karen L said...

Wow Bev what a weight loss - that is a real achievement. Think I need to get some of your inspiration as I have heaps to loose as well. Will PM you on SofF with my address.

Lynda said...

Wow congratulations Beverley!!!!!!!
You are very strong to do so well.

Julie said...

oh congrats on reaching that 10% milestone - that is fabulous news!!! but more so is the fact you have lost 60kgs - woohoo!!! how inspiring you are to me!

Way to go getting up on skis! How typical of the kids not to remember the bad stuff - thats always the stuff we trouble forgetting lol!!

Rochelle said...

Hey Beverley,

Just wanted to let you know you were drawn in my pay it forward draw. I have your address from the rak list so watch out for some goodies in the post. It might be a few days before I get organised with it though :)