Monday, January 28, 2008

A busy weekend.

Lots of creating happened on Thursday/Friday - mostly Friday night actually. I'm a last minute person.

This card I made for Mum and Dad to give at the wedding.

This one I used to adorn our present which was enclosed very stylishly in a brown pizza box and wrapped with a wide white ribbon.

This one is an extra - done for the impromptu SE cyber crop on Friday night. I figured while I had my card making supplies out it would be fairly simple to put together a card using the sketch provided. It's just as well I had till midnight to complete it cos it took that long to get the scanner to work once I realised the batteries were flat in my camera.

The new chat room at SE is very fun - lots of cool noises to play with, they even have a bubbles noise just for me!

Here's my new necklace. I wanted a nice bright colour to go with the black I wear a lot of. I usually wear a little bit of red so this is a nice change. I also made a matching bracelet - cos I had some beads left over.

And the horse shoe - actually harder than I anticipated - but still I wasn't going to cave in and buy one!

I also made this pooh bear one cos she used to like pooh bear a lot.

It turns out she got a couple of other ones as well.

The happy couple - Karen and Malcolm.

They have asked me to put their wedding photos into an album. I've said yes but I have no idea what they are actually wanting or how much to charge - I guess it will all be worked out. I haven't even done my own wedding photos yet - in my mind they fall into the same category as birthday party photos - kinda hard to scrap. On the up side it will be fun to scrap photos taken by a professional photographer.

OK so I have more scrapping to do and I'm also watching shrek 3 - the kids have watched it lots of times and I've seen bits of it but not the whole thing - so tonight I'm watching all of it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


These albums are part of the new releases by American Crafts. I really need to buy some more albums to get my layouts out of pizza boxes and in a position to be viewed. Check out some more of their stuff here.

New scrappy stuff is always so exciting. I just get a little frustrated at the time it takes to actually arrive here in NZ. I do think the scrapping world is a little crazy in the way they keep coming up with new stuff - so much more than one could actually hope to keep up with.

Is it necessary to always be using new stuff? When does old stuff become officially old? I wonder if the industry can actually keep up the pace of releasing new stuff at this rate for much longer?

I guess as long as companies keep producing the stuff, I'll go on seeing it and wanting it.

Speaking of new stuff - I've spent the week wondering why my desk still has an orange look to it - the orange layout of the weekend has been put away and all scraps filed but still when I look over at my desk I get an 'orange' impression.

It's my new fiskars trimmer.

I'm enjoying using it - specially the sharpness of it ... a sharp trimmer makes a whole lot of difference to my scrapping.

I will hopefully have some more creative stuff to put on here by the weekend. My cousin is getting married on Saturday and I have a gift to make, cards to make and also a horse shoe - cause I couldn't bring myself to pay $25 for something I could make better myself! Oh and I also plan on making myself a new necklace to wear.

So I guess I'll be busy for the next few days...

Monday, January 21, 2008

I scrapped!

Yep, I scrapped again.

I looked around for a suitable challenge to attempt, just to get me going again. Megan's Friday night challenge seemed just perfect. A good number of 'conditions' and a fairly short deadline - so I didn't have ages to fuss around with it.

So the 'rules' - Use either blue/orange or pink/orange as the main colour scheme. Use the title Summer Days and use some stickers that are at least a year old.

Fortunately I had some gorgeous heidi grace papers with a touch of orange in them and a piece of orange bling bazzill to get me started.

I'm not sure if I really like the finished result - maybe it's the orange... but anyway I loved playing with all the yummy heidi grace bits that co-ordinated so perfectly - even though I've actually used bits from two different h.g. lines. There's rub-on's and stickers and chipboard and plastic see through flower thingys and that little stripe of blue at the bottom is a silky fabric sticker.

I made the scalloped edge at the top using the edge of a fiskars template and the ultra shape-xpress. And I also added some orange rain dots by Cloud 9 cause they seemed to fit perfectly with the water photo and the orange theme.

Oh and the stickers that were atleast a year old - are the round epoxy things in the center of the flowers made by autumn leaves.

It feels good to be creating again ... only now I have a messy desk to tidy up!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I can't believe a whole month has past since I last blogged. We've been to the end of the earth and back - o.k so the signpost at bluff probably isn't exactly the end of the earth but close enough.

27 days, 942 photos, 53 one way bridges, many hours driving, 6 nights in a tent, beautiful dry summer weather and a million family memories made.

There are an unbelievable amount of e-mails, blogs and forum posts to catch up on - if anything really important has happened you'd better let me know!

Sorry if you live somewhere near where I visited and we didn't catch up. Plenty of excuses to give - ranging from no cell phone coverage, to timing etc... but basically I was too chicken and I figured you'd all be busy having a good time with your own families.

Here's a quick overview of what I've been up to:

Christmas with the cousins - spot the kid who didn't want his photo taken.

Becka riding the neighbor's horse - no our back lawn is not big enough for one of her own!

The butterfly place in Dunedin - really worth going to if you live anywhere near.

Our accommodation in Cromwell. Crazy place where the temperatures were in the mid 30's yet there was snow on the hills. The lake was just beautiful and much time was spent close to the water.

The blue pools somewhere on the way to Haast. The water was icy cold.

West coast beaches in the evenings were stunning...

although the waves were a bit aggressive at times.

The famous glaciers.

I have done absolutely no scrap booking for what seems like ages, even the smallish bag of scrap supplies we dragged around the south island didn't come out of the car. Of course I've made up for that in photos and memories that are now bursting to be scrapped - lets hope I haven't forgotten how.