Monday, October 30, 2006

Wow ...

...who would've thought. Me, I was picked, I'm now officially on the

Scrapbook Essentials Design Team!!!

I'm totally excited and going around with a huge grin on my face. Let's just say this is awesome news for me and the next year is gonna be so fun!

I am of course sad that everyone couldn't be selected - I know there was some awesome work entered and Meg's job must've been so hard.

I've gone through the "happy dance feelings" - not being able to sleep Saturday night, and then through the "I hope I can do this" feelings - what if I stop being able to scrap, and now the "it really is true" - it's official, that's my name.

So now I'm back to the 'happy dance' - this journey is gonna be so fun.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I made cards ...

It occured to me that I have the need for a few cards in the next week or two - lots of birthdays coming up. So, I made cards.

I managed to get 7 cards out of a few scraps of basic grey paper I found. I pulled out my 'friends' stamp for some of them so they fit with the card making dare - meet a challenge, fulfil a need.

This is my favoutite - I didn't mean to, but there's symbolism there: a circle of friends, friends stick together and hold each other up, friends wrapped in love.

So - if you've got a birthday coming up and you read my blog - try and forget these cards incase one of them is for you!

There are a million cool challenges out there at the moment and the deadlines are passing me by without a hope of me meeting them. It's kinda frustrating but also cool to sit back and see what my scrapping buddies are coming up with. I am in envy of those who seem to manage all the challenges and produce some amazing work.

Thanks Angela for the help with placing my pics - it's kinda simple really. Duh me.

Have a great weekend everyone - 'specially those going to camp in the south.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Sun is Back

Yay the sun came back. I was starting to wonder what had happened to it.

Well, I got my design team application in - as have most of the rest of the scrapping world. Hope you have fun looking through all the entries Meg.

Now for that tag - thanks Kelly - atleast it gives me something to write about.

1. Things that scare me: mice and mouses and those little rodent thingys.

2. People who make me laugh: Jessi and the things she says. The girls on the forums I hang out at.

3.Things I hate the most: unreliable and inconsiderate people, brussel sprouts, when it rains at 3 0'clock just when I have to get the kids from school.

4. Things I don't understand: how to speak computer language to get my blog looking good. How the t.v. remote can go missing for days on end and then just turn up again.

5.Things I'm doing right now: blogging, watching my two year old make a mess, watching Suzy on d.v.d - I should be doing pilates.

6.Things I want to do before I die: see my kids grow up, ride an elephant, go on a cruise somewhere tropical.

7.Things I can do: make crafty stuff, teach kids, procrastinate

8. Ways to describe my personality: fun, friendly, reliable

9. Things I can't do: Hey - I can do anything if I try hard enough!

10.Things I think you should listen to: Your kids - take the time to hear what they are saying. Your mother - she's always right in the end. The birds after it stops raining.

11. Things you should never listen to: Put downs from other people. The little voice that says I can't. Telemarketers that ring at tea time.

12.Things I'd like to learn: How to make a stained glass window. How to make a curry from scratch - with spices not a jar of chicken tonight! How to speak another language.

13.Favourite Foods: watermelon, chocolate, jellybeans.

14.Beverages I drink regularly: Green tea with raspberry. Water.

14a. Beverages I'm trying not to drink regularly:Coffee

15. Shows I watched as a kid: Smurfs, The muppet show, The Henderson kids.

16. Persons I am tagging: Angela, Dallas, Heidi

Monday, October 23, 2006

What's my style?

O.K. so I need some help here - what's my scrapping style?

I like things straight - not crooked.
I like to fill up the page - so it's not simple.

So what words describe my style?

Once I figure that one out I'll be able to apply for Meg's design team - well that and I need to take good pics of my layouts and the weather is not co-operating. The glare from the fog makes the photos shine - so I'm hoping the sun will come out tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few wooden blocks

Today I connected with Kevin. He has been in my Religous Education class all year, I see him once a week and today it finally happened. Kevin has autism.

Today we built the walls of Jericho, Joshua and his army marched around the walls and after seven days and a great shout and blowing of trumpets - they fell down. Kevin loved the wooden blocks - he built the most amazing wall, then he made his trumpet and wrote the verse on it - just like the rest of the class.

It was fantastic to see his eyes light up, to see that he 'got' it and he enjoyed being part of the class. That is why I love teaching ... seeing that light go on ... whether it be in maths or reading or R.E. or whatever ... just knowing that the dots are joining together in a kids head. Totally worth it.

NZ Dares - Not sure if this is allowed: I did this orange and green layout for last months Scrapbook Essentials Challenge, but seeing as it fits the 'dare criteria' I thought I'd put it up for all to see. (My third colour being brown.) If I knew more about what I was doing the pic would be here - not at the top of the post.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Love Letters

Well, I've finally got my love letters from CC06 up on the wall. They have been perched on the shelf for ages but I decided today that the shelf needed a good dust so they had to move.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fantastic Gymnastics

I just did this layout for the Scrap of Faith cyber crop. It had to have a circle or circles, journalling as a frame and rubon's in with the journalling. It was fun chatting on Friday - a pity about the three hour time difference. I was trying to answer treasure hunt questions at midnight - I think my brain had turned into a pumpkin. I won a voucher for my efforts though.

Rebekah had her first pre-comp gymnastics class Saturday morning at 8.30. Gone are the lazy sleep-ins while the kids watch t.v. She seemed to enjoy herself - hope it continues. She's definately the most flexible kid there anyway.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I've got one too.

O.K so I caved in - I've got my very own, spanking new blog. Watch this space - I may even post on here every now and again.