Monday, October 23, 2006

What's my style?

O.K. so I need some help here - what's my scrapping style?

I like things straight - not crooked.
I like to fill up the page - so it's not simple.

So what words describe my style?

Once I figure that one out I'll be able to apply for Meg's design team - well that and I need to take good pics of my layouts and the weather is not co-operating. The glare from the fog makes the photos shine - so I'm hoping the sun will come out tomorrow.


memoryfairy said...

Bev this might help:

By the way...I'm tagging you chick!

Janine said...

I struggle with my style but I say now I prefer simple scrapping....I think sometimes we spend too much time trying to define our style....

yaseen_nz said...

Yep Bev sometimes it's hardest to see ourselves and define ' our style'. I agree with Janine, sometimes it's best simply not to worry what label we might fit and just enjoy whatever it is we are at the moment.
And you already said you enjoy things to be placed straight on your pages and like to fill a page up ( layered style ). So you do know dear :)

Ann said...

I found that to be a really hard thing as well,( having to 'define' your style)

It's so much easier to just do it without labelling!

Good luck on the DT front.