Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few wooden blocks

Today I connected with Kevin. He has been in my Religous Education class all year, I see him once a week and today it finally happened. Kevin has autism.

Today we built the walls of Jericho, Joshua and his army marched around the walls and after seven days and a great shout and blowing of trumpets - they fell down. Kevin loved the wooden blocks - he built the most amazing wall, then he made his trumpet and wrote the verse on it - just like the rest of the class.

It was fantastic to see his eyes light up, to see that he 'got' it and he enjoyed being part of the class. That is why I love teaching ... seeing that light go on ... whether it be in maths or reading or R.E. or whatever ... just knowing that the dots are joining together in a kids head. Totally worth it.

NZ Dares - Not sure if this is allowed: I did this orange and green layout for last months Scrapbook Essentials Challenge, but seeing as it fits the 'dare criteria' I thought I'd put it up for all to see. (My third colour being brown.) If I knew more about what I was doing the pic would be here - not at the top of the post.


Angela said...

Thats a really cool layout Beverly, love it.

If you want your photo to match your text, try this. When you have uploaded it, and it appears in your post, just click in it, and drag it down, and 'drop' it in among the words. Have a fiddle, and you'll get used to it.

memoryfairy said...

You've been a busy blogger!! Just popping in to check out your dare LO :o)

Hannah said...

Love the layout!! Awesome job.

yaseen_nz said...

OH I know so well what you are talking about Bev re teaching and connecting. For me it's the look on the face or the words 'I did it!' that so symbolize why I love that side of my job.
Great LO btw!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Janine said...

love the layout Bev. Very nice indeed well done on completing your dare challenge. Nice to read about the "aha" moment.

Heidi said...

WOW Beverley what a lovely LO - It's just awesome WTG!!!

Lara said...

love that 'click' too! It's why I teach also - your RE classes sound fun!