Sunday, April 06, 2008


I've made the move you can find me:


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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've made a start.

On Jessi's 'All About Me' album like Nic Howard is doing.

I'm using an 8x8 album which I picked up for $1.50 and had sitting here waiting to be used.

The inside cover page - I decided to save my four fingers photo for the next page. I don't have a fancy Fiskars border punch like Nic but love that look so I've used my Stampin' Up corner rounder to make the scallops and my Fiskars hole punch to make the holes. The 'for you with love' is a Stampin' Up stamp, as is the French swirl background stamp you see in the um ... background.

This was a challenge - getting Jessi to write her name and age. She does the J fine and then gets frustrated when her e and s go wonky and gives up in disgust. I haven't been too concerned about name writing - I figure she'll do it when she's ready. So I've helped her out a little here and written the tricky letters myself. She was really proud of her tunnels (n's) though!

The swirly border stamp is a Stampin Up wheel.

Jessi has already embraced 'her' book - she's calling it her profile book. I guess it is pretty similar to her Kindy book.

So - speaking of Stampin Up... I went to Kelly's place last night. She has the cutest house with 'triangle' windows upstairs - my dh insists they are actually gables. Anyway we got to order from the new Stampin Up catalogue - can't wait for that scalloped circle punch to arrive! There is lots of cool stuff in the catalogue but the coolest thing (which I didn't buy ... yet) is the Fiskars trimmer. It's sleek and styley and best of all ... it's measurements are in cm's and inches. So if you're looking for a new trimmer ... I highly recommend this one!

Right, I guess I could go make page number three in Jessi's book - as I was tucking her in tonight she asked if I was going to go and finish her book now ... I don't think there is much chance of this project going unfinished!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I try not to double up on challenges but this layout fits two.

Over at Salt the challenge was to create something to do with believe or had the verse Jeremiah 29:11-13. And as I was creating this layout I read Hannah's Friday Night Challenge at Scrapbook Essentials.

I'd already picked the colours - they kinda fit, I was already using 1 journalling spot - just had to add a couple more and already had the paint around the edge of the photo. Done.

Ok - off to create some more.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Take one Canvas...

... and some paint.

This morning I visited Donna Downey's blog and was inspired to get creative.

I had a friends birthday present to make. The 'She' layout I mentioned yesterday - just wasn't making me happy. So I started over, with a fresh canvas and some blue paint. I was kinda pushed for time and wished I could work as fast as Donna Downey did in her video.

This friend is my personal weight watchers coach - well, I like to think so seeing as that's what she does for a job. But she's struggling with her weight too - she was at goal, then had a baby and well, the wobbly bits just took over... as they do.

So I wanted to used a photo of her at goal weight with some inspiring words so she could look at it every day and be reminded of her goal and what she is working towards.

The photo isn't a particularly stunning one but I think it says a lot about how happy she was, enjoying life with friends and looking good. (She's the one in blue on the right.) I know how much she wants to lose this weight. As a weight watchers leader it's kinda important that she does. But I also know how hard it is, to continually be careful about what you eat and to keep up the exercise when life is busy. I'm hoping that we will both get there this year.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Look what arrived today.

The Rak I won from Maya Rd. Seriously cool stuff! Sheer albums, office sheers, clear stamp, rubons, seriously pretty flowers, chipboard, ribbons - those cool see through ones too... This lot will keep me busy for a long time!

This is the Rally craft for the next two Rally nights. We split the group into boys and girls. The boys were banging nails into wood. The girls are designing and stitching their own felt toy. Last night we cut them out and sewed on buttons. Next time they get to stitch and stuff. I had to keep my example nice and simple - I'm dying to embellish it some more - but will wait otherwise I'll have the girls all wanting theirs to be dressed up more too.

And I finally caught Jessi in a good mood and colour coordinated clothes so I snapped the 'four' photo for her album like Nic Howards ones.

We had a wee discussion about her favourite body parts and so far all she's come up with is the soft parts on her ears - I think she'd like earings...

And while I'm recording Jessi likes - her favourite song of the moment is Hot Hot Hot - you know the one that goes olay olay olay olay ...

And I did a 'She' layout today for my friend's birthday present it doesn't have a photo on it yet though - so I haven't got a pic to show you yet.

Yay it's Friday already - short weeks are great once you figure out what day of the week it is! Happy weekend everyone.

Colour Me Happy

Well, here it is - my Colour Me Happy circle journal made by my friends at Scrapbook Essentials.

Cover - the front bit of chipboard and the binding ring things were from a bought album and I made my own pages out of bazzill - each colour cut slightly bigger than the one before.

Intro and instructions - I planned to take out this little instructions flap once the album was completed.

The rest of the instructions - hoping madly that people wouldn't be freaked out by having to go monochromatic!

White - my own pages which I really wasn't happy with and planned to re-do once it came back to me - I don't think I will now.

Brown - Louise. Gotta love that face!

Red - Janine. I want some Dorothy shoes too!

Orange - Vicki. Check out that stunning photo.

Yellow - Debbie. Lemons and Sunflowers - definitely happy things for me too.

Green - Julie. That pic of Fiona really makes me smile!

Teal - Donna. This was the only colour left when the journal got to Donna. I'm glad she had lots of teal inspiration around her. Even her kids wear teal - how cool is that!

Blue - Kelly. Yep that blue sky does it for me too.

Purple - Alice. Love the purple facts included.

Pink - Tanya. Check out the collection of pink stuff Tanya has! (And is that big furry flower a prima one? Alice used a purple one on her page. I need some flowers like that!)

Black - Michele. Classic, timeless, simple - and it makes you look slimmer!

The sign in pages.

And the tags they created.

The end!

Thank you to everyone who completed a page. I love how it turned out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm on the Team!

Great News - I've joined the Scrap of Faith Head Quarters Team.

It's a little different from other design team positions. There's a blog, a forum, a gallery, cyber crops but no shop or business trying to earn a living from scrapbooking. Just a bunch of talented individuals who love scrapbooking and want to share the love ... and the faith.

And while I was busy putting my design team application together and doing Easter stuff time has passed by and I find myself out of time to do the latest NZ Dares challenge.

I really wanted to do this one - I love the list of 'She' things by Kobi Yamada. It really captured my imagination. I was having trouble choosing which one to use of course. Maybe I'll take the list and create a whole album, that would be fun.

I'll add that to the list of albums I plan to complete. Also on that list is a beautiful people one as suggested by Haylee. And a four year old one about Jessi that Nic Howard is working through on her blog.

The lack of pretty pictures on this post can only mean two things.
1. I took lots of photos over the weekend and my camera batteries are now having a much needed charge.
2. I haven't done enough scrapping lately and have nothing to show.

Tonight I will stay away from the computer and scrap something!

Monday, March 24, 2008