Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've made a start.

On Jessi's 'All About Me' album like Nic Howard is doing.

I'm using an 8x8 album which I picked up for $1.50 and had sitting here waiting to be used.

The inside cover page - I decided to save my four fingers photo for the next page. I don't have a fancy Fiskars border punch like Nic but love that look so I've used my Stampin' Up corner rounder to make the scallops and my Fiskars hole punch to make the holes. The 'for you with love' is a Stampin' Up stamp, as is the French swirl background stamp you see in the um ... background.

This was a challenge - getting Jessi to write her name and age. She does the J fine and then gets frustrated when her e and s go wonky and gives up in disgust. I haven't been too concerned about name writing - I figure she'll do it when she's ready. So I've helped her out a little here and written the tricky letters myself. She was really proud of her tunnels (n's) though!

The swirly border stamp is a Stampin Up wheel.

Jessi has already embraced 'her' book - she's calling it her profile book. I guess it is pretty similar to her Kindy book.

So - speaking of Stampin Up... I went to Kelly's place last night. She has the cutest house with 'triangle' windows upstairs - my dh insists they are actually gables. Anyway we got to order from the new Stampin Up catalogue - can't wait for that scalloped circle punch to arrive! There is lots of cool stuff in the catalogue but the coolest thing (which I didn't buy ... yet) is the Fiskars trimmer. It's sleek and styley and best of all ... it's measurements are in cm's and inches. So if you're looking for a new trimmer ... I highly recommend this one!

Right, I guess I could go make page number three in Jessi's book - as I was tucking her in tonight she asked if I was going to go and finish her book now ... I don't think there is much chance of this project going unfinished!


Hannah said...

Jessi's book is looking amazing, I'm sure she will just love it (sounds like she already does!).

Angel Gurl said...

That is stunning Beverley. You know I was so excited about my page map book I forgot to mention last nights outing. Poor Mike got it in the ear, I woke him up to tell him how much fun I had and about the trimmer. I have been coveting the book again today.

Allison said...

This is lovely...those colors just pop! Terrific layering of embellishments too!

Mrs Frizz said...

Oh wow .. love it ... gorgeous.

spgettie said...

Absolutely gorgeous pages so far!

Vicki said...

She is just sooo going to love that book when its finished. Love your colours too.

nztreasure said...

I haven't seen the new stampin up catalogue - and now I just have to go visit my friend who sells it!! LOL
Your all about me album is going to be great - Jessi will love this!

Chris Millar said...

The album is coming along beautifully Bev!

Manon Keir said...

Love how you are doing your daughters book, Nic is so inspirational hey!!

Trace said...

Awesome pages Miss Beverley! Haven't checked out the new catalogue, don't think I can really have another party - only did one last Novemeber, hmmm wonder if I can talke someone else into having one LOL!!

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Michelle said...

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