Friday, March 28, 2008

Colour Me Happy

Well, here it is - my Colour Me Happy circle journal made by my friends at Scrapbook Essentials.

Cover - the front bit of chipboard and the binding ring things were from a bought album and I made my own pages out of bazzill - each colour cut slightly bigger than the one before.

Intro and instructions - I planned to take out this little instructions flap once the album was completed.

The rest of the instructions - hoping madly that people wouldn't be freaked out by having to go monochromatic!

White - my own pages which I really wasn't happy with and planned to re-do once it came back to me - I don't think I will now.

Brown - Louise. Gotta love that face!

Red - Janine. I want some Dorothy shoes too!

Orange - Vicki. Check out that stunning photo.

Yellow - Debbie. Lemons and Sunflowers - definitely happy things for me too.

Green - Julie. That pic of Fiona really makes me smile!

Teal - Donna. This was the only colour left when the journal got to Donna. I'm glad she had lots of teal inspiration around her. Even her kids wear teal - how cool is that!

Blue - Kelly. Yep that blue sky does it for me too.

Purple - Alice. Love the purple facts included.

Pink - Tanya. Check out the collection of pink stuff Tanya has! (And is that big furry flower a prima one? Alice used a purple one on her page. I need some flowers like that!)

Black - Michele. Classic, timeless, simple - and it makes you look slimmer!

The sign in pages.

And the tags they created.

The end!

Thank you to everyone who completed a page. I love how it turned out!


Kelly said...

Stunning! Gorgeous! Might need to see in real life I think. So good to see the ones that came after me - it's amazing to see how well the monochromatic worked - love everypage. But thinking mine was a bit too simple now.... LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

Wowser - cool looking CJ my friend ... brilliant idea for a CJ.

Julie said...

What a fabulous CJ you have!! Fiona?? Thats me - lol. ;O)
I hope you get a lot of enjoyment flicking through this CJ Beverley.

Angel Gurl said...

that was such a fun cj to do.....and Donna did a fab job with the teal. It was so ahrd to leave the pink for Tanya Leigh but hey my red choses helped inspire me.

Hannah said...

Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous!!! If I end up doing another CJ I may have to copy you and do this theme!

How funny & appropriate that Alice got purple and Tanya got pink! Like it was `meant to be' LOL.

Vicki said...

I just loved the whole idea of your CJ. It was just so bright and colourful.

Great to see everyone elses pages - thanks for sharing it.

Ann said...

Your journal is just stunning!
Everyone has done such a wonderful job with their pages... beautiful!

miloandotisnz said...

This CJ is awesome.
good job for all who particpated.

Shell said...

Your circle journal is gorgeous!!! So neat to see what everybody did and I really like your theme!

kenziekylanmom said...

That is really stunning! Great job on all of your layouts...I also love your blog and am jealous that you live in NZ. I have only visited but would love to come back again!