Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Sun is Back

Yay the sun came back. I was starting to wonder what had happened to it.

Well, I got my design team application in - as have most of the rest of the scrapping world. Hope you have fun looking through all the entries Meg.

Now for that tag - thanks Kelly - atleast it gives me something to write about.

1. Things that scare me: mice and mouses and those little rodent thingys.

2. People who make me laugh: Jessi and the things she says. The girls on the forums I hang out at.

3.Things I hate the most: unreliable and inconsiderate people, brussel sprouts, when it rains at 3 0'clock just when I have to get the kids from school.

4. Things I don't understand: how to speak computer language to get my blog looking good. How the t.v. remote can go missing for days on end and then just turn up again.

5.Things I'm doing right now: blogging, watching my two year old make a mess, watching Suzy on d.v.d - I should be doing pilates.

6.Things I want to do before I die: see my kids grow up, ride an elephant, go on a cruise somewhere tropical.

7.Things I can do: make crafty stuff, teach kids, procrastinate

8. Ways to describe my personality: fun, friendly, reliable

9. Things I can't do: Hey - I can do anything if I try hard enough!

10.Things I think you should listen to: Your kids - take the time to hear what they are saying. Your mother - she's always right in the end. The birds after it stops raining.

11. Things you should never listen to: Put downs from other people. The little voice that says I can't. Telemarketers that ring at tea time.

12.Things I'd like to learn: How to make a stained glass window. How to make a curry from scratch - with spices not a jar of chicken tonight! How to speak another language.

13.Favourite Foods: watermelon, chocolate, jellybeans.

14.Beverages I drink regularly: Green tea with raspberry. Water.

14a. Beverages I'm trying not to drink regularly:Coffee

15. Shows I watched as a kid: Smurfs, The muppet show, The Henderson kids.

16. Persons I am tagging: Angela, Dallas, Heidi


Janine said...

well done on getting that entry sent in Beverley. I understand the brussel sprout thing. I had a wee giggle about your remote.

Heidi said...

How can you tag me - I've been tagged by MEG - TAGGED TWICE - bugger

Hannah said...

Great answers, Beverley! Good luck with the DT entry, it must feel great to get it sent off :-)

Dianna said...

WElcome to blogging. Good luck on the design team.
Used to teach RE too really enjoyed think I will do it again when my youngest starts school.