Monday, January 28, 2008

A busy weekend.

Lots of creating happened on Thursday/Friday - mostly Friday night actually. I'm a last minute person.

This card I made for Mum and Dad to give at the wedding.

This one I used to adorn our present which was enclosed very stylishly in a brown pizza box and wrapped with a wide white ribbon.

This one is an extra - done for the impromptu SE cyber crop on Friday night. I figured while I had my card making supplies out it would be fairly simple to put together a card using the sketch provided. It's just as well I had till midnight to complete it cos it took that long to get the scanner to work once I realised the batteries were flat in my camera.

The new chat room at SE is very fun - lots of cool noises to play with, they even have a bubbles noise just for me!

Here's my new necklace. I wanted a nice bright colour to go with the black I wear a lot of. I usually wear a little bit of red so this is a nice change. I also made a matching bracelet - cos I had some beads left over.

And the horse shoe - actually harder than I anticipated - but still I wasn't going to cave in and buy one!

I also made this pooh bear one cos she used to like pooh bear a lot.

It turns out she got a couple of other ones as well.

The happy couple - Karen and Malcolm.

They have asked me to put their wedding photos into an album. I've said yes but I have no idea what they are actually wanting or how much to charge - I guess it will all be worked out. I haven't even done my own wedding photos yet - in my mind they fall into the same category as birthday party photos - kinda hard to scrap. On the up side it will be fun to scrap photos taken by a professional photographer.

OK so I have more scrapping to do and I'm also watching shrek 3 - the kids have watched it lots of times and I've seen bits of it but not the whole thing - so tonight I'm watching all of it.


Vicki said...

Wow - you sure have been busy. Loving Pooh bear - what a cool idea. Good luck with the album - my wedding ones are in the too hard basket as well.

Karen L said...

You have been busy Beveley - love your cards and you did a great job on the horseshoe and bear for the wedding. I am pleased it is you too doing the wedding album - it is such a hard thing to tackle, I still haven't done my daughters yet cause I want to do it so that it doesn't date too much. It will probably still be sitting here in a couple of years time.

Trace said...

What a busy and productive time you've had Beverley!

Lara said...

love that necklace! & good on you for making the horse shoe too :-) I remember altering a wooden rolling pin for something similar :-) go you on the wedding album!

Mrs Frizz said...

Wow you have been creative ... awesome cards, love the necklace and pooh bear and the horseshoe. What a beautiful looking bride and groom.

Have fun putting together a very special wedding album.

Love the bubbles and of course the chainsaw - sorry couldnt' resist.

Margo said...

i had to do my best friends wedding album, i did it as their wedding present, obviously recevied it after the wedding, took all weekend at a scrap camp, picked a theme and went the whole way through, very simple, but elegant. they were married in rarotonga, so all the heidi swapp hibiscus stuff got a good hammering

Melissa Goodsell said...

You've been busy. I love the necklace, so pretty and the cards are gorgeous...especially the one at the bottom with nice!

Shell said...

The horse shoe turned out great!!! The pooh bear one is super cute too and as for the cards... love them :)