Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February!

I can't believe it's already February, where has the time gone?

I guess a lot of it has been spent with me sitting here behind the laptop while the kids happily entertain themselves. Jessi has been back at kindy for a week. I was parent helper yesterday - which was rather relaxing really with only 16 kids there, that's not so many bits of fruit to cut and not many paintings to put away. Rebekah and Alexander were happy to spend an afternoon at kindy digging in the sandpit with the little kids.

Some things I've spotted while spending time here at the computer:

Prima papers.

Making memories notebook. I love my noteworthy one.

Scenic Route rubons.

Well, I should really be doing some housework. Lots of washing to be done. Gotta clean up my scrap area. And Rebekah wants all this hair cut off.


Vicki said...

Been there, done that with the girls over having all their hair cut off. Thankfully it was a one off phase and grew back fast. They both still have long hair now. Good luck with that.

Mrs Frizz said...

Love the look of all those goodies ... I saw the new Prima papers on their website and was drooling.