Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Bunch of Random Stuff.

Has anyone seen my square hole punch? It's gone missing and I want it! I wanted it so bad I even tidied my desk - but I didn't find it, so I've used a round one instead.
I've been busy working with the September Scrapbook Essentials Kit. Basic Grey Recess papers and other bits Meg put in - she's so good at putting the kits together.

Check out today at my place:

Loving that spring weather. Should've gone for a walk this afternoon while Jessi was at kindy - only I'm so tired, not sure what my problem is but I'm all sleepy so I curled up in the sun and had a Nana nap instead.

Speaking of Nana's - actually Grandma. She wasn't too well this week so I've had a couple of trips up to the hospital to see her. She's doing pretty well for 93 - just a little confused.

Right - I need to go, Alexander has gone to get the washing in off the line - only I know he can't reach the pegs so I'm not sure just how those towels will be coming down. And then I've got a very important game of super hero memory to play before cooking dinner.


Hannah said...

Sorry about your missing hole punch, and your Nana's ill health. I hope you find it and I hope she gets out of hospital soon!

You had a much nicer day down there than we had up here!! Mon, Tues and yesterday were just lovely, but today it all went downhill :-(

Janine said...

Nice view there! I have started walking home from school again since last week with all this great weather there is no longer an excuse for the bus. I love having nana naps in the sun. Hope ya find ya punch. Wow nana is doing well for her age, hope she gets well soon.

Lynda said...

If I see your punch I will send it home.Did you check your rubbish bin?

You have such a beautiful view.

Karen L said...

Don't you just hate it when things go missing - especially when you have just used it and it should be on your desk - that is the thing I hate most about scrapbooking.

How your grandma is feeling much better - what a amazing woman to reach such a milestone in her life.

Love your view too.