Monday, April 23, 2007

Freestyle was fab!

I have just had the most awesome-ist weekend! The freestyle tutors were absolutely fantastic. I loved every one of them and each class I did was the 'best yet.' I think I was most impressed by Tia - she was just so neat.

These photos are of Emily Falconbridge and her Altered State class. We altered a photo by wetting it, sanding it, painting it and bleaching it oh and then doodling on it. Very messy but very fun. The white/orangey dots on the photo are from the bleach. This was a class I was helping in so I didn't have the black and white photos everyone else was using. Just happened to have these printed for a different class so thought I'd give it a go. It's not finished yet. The writing was supposed to be about yourself, I think - didn't get a chance to write down the journaling prompts she gave out. So last night I was just playing and wrote down some of my impressions of freestyle 07 and the different tutors. If you can read it - it makes a good summary of the weekend!

Helping in the classes was a lot of fun and kept me totally busy - a good thing. But I now have a whole bunch of projects half started cause I didn't get as much time to work on stuff as the others in the class. (Not that many people actually got stuff finished.)

I will need to go through the photos I took and do a longer post later when I get back from seeing Dad in Dunedin.


Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Beverley! I've heard a few people say the classes weren't long enough. Bummer. But I love the altered photo - I definitely want to try this!

Debbie said...

Beverly, I hope that your dad starts to wake up properly soon and makes a full recovery...We are thinking of you all.

janine said...

lol you got further that what I did. I only did a 6x4 photo and now I want to work on a bigger size. I loved altered state so much!! The weekend was great. Sending my thoughts to you and your family.

Karen L said...

sounds like it was an awesome weekend. Looking forward to seeing the completed layouts.
Praying for your dad too Bev - that he makes a full recovery soon.

tanyaleigh said...

Sounds like a fab weekend Beverley. Best wishes for you Dad. Thinking of you and your family. Also Beverley I have tagged you!!!

Delys said...

Hope your Dad is doing well Bev?
I dont think anyone finished their classes ..
Good on you helping out too.

Lynda said...

Beverley how is your Dad?
Take care.