Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I got a really cool gift today... a peg ... a little tiny peg with a ladybird on one side and a magnet on the other. It came with this poem:

This peg is for holding
and notices
kindy help rosters
that tell you
whose go it is
doctor's appointments
appointments in town
all of this paper war
sure wears you down
more stuff to remember
more stuff to forget
you're lost in the middle
so busy
and yet...
all of the details
on this peg you shove
adds up to a child
who's secure in your love.

Another cool gift from Mainly Music and even cooler ... it came with a coffee bag and an after dinner mint and a bannoffi pie chocolate. (Yes, I will work out the points before I eat them.)

And random fact #3 (thanks Kelly) I drink my coffee black because when I was flatting we used to run out of milk - or it would go off in the fridge - so I just learned to drink it black.


Janine said...

Nice to be spoilt.

Mrs Frizz said...

How cute ...

Lara said...

such a cool peg!!!