Monday, May 14, 2007

Um .... sneaky peeks?

Well - I stopped scrapping ... and boy was it hard to start again. It's kinda weird cause I know I love it, the kit was just perfect for me this month and I've had all that freestyle inspiration but I couldn't seem to make myself do it.

But - I did eventually. Angela put an order in for some scrap canvas' - apparently her walls in England are bare. So that was a good starting point - I scrapped a canvas for England. Is there any point in actually putting up a sneaky peek when you can see the whole thing in the morning? Maybe it's best looked at as a close up of the flower - kinda freestyle inspired. (Thanks to the mystery raker who sent the flower bits.)

Time for bed ... all will be revealed tomorrow at Scrapbook Essentials.


Hannah said...

Looks gorgeous - LOVE that flower!! Can't wait to see it "in full".

Karen L said...

Wow Beverley - just been to check out your Layout and it looks awesome. Love the colours and I am sure that she will be thrilled to have it on her wall.