Sunday, November 12, 2006

I've been embroodling!

The girls on the SE forum were talking about embroodling a few weeks back - so I thought I'd give it a try. Monique came up with the word and Dallas gave us a good example - also a tip about how it helps 'anchor' stuff to the page - visually as well as literally! (Check out Dallas' blog - she has some exciting news to share.)

So anyway - you get to see a bit of my embroodling (just like saying that word) here and you get to see the rest of it real soon in the Scrapbook Essentials Gallery - as part of my very first design team assignment. Keep an eye out for when it goes up.

I have also fallen in love with black gesso paint - that stuff is amazing - sooooo essential for chipboard. Especially for chipboard books, shaped like flowers, with 10 pages in them! No more waiting for the paint to dry and then having to do another coat or two. With this stuff you just paint it on once and it's practically dry straight away, ready to go stuff!

Oh yeah - and going back to Dallas' tip about 'anchoring' stuff to a page - I had this little bit of advice in mind when I created a layout last week, and this week that same layout is flying it's way over to Australia. I submitted it to For Keeps and they wanted it! Totally exciting for me - it was one of my goals to get published in For Keeps. Of course I have to wait until something like April next year but it's still exciting.

I've just set a new goal - inspired by Megan - I want to get something on the Basic Grey web site. (Click that link and you should see Megan's awesome work.) I love Basic Grey - probably still my favourite papers. So it will be a fun goal to work towards.

Well, I had better get my head out of the scrapping clouds and find some dinner for my starving family. Until next time ....


Megan M said...

Hmmm, gesso, might have to look into this Beverley. Your work in the gallery is fab! WTG on the For Keeps thing - look forward to seeing it in print!!

yaseen_nz said...

Your LO' looks great. Must go check out the SE Forum - wanna see all your fab work!. Sorry -I am so not onto things at moment but hope that'll change soon.
Love the word embroodling too and it sure looks cool!
Congrats for the For keeps publishing!
Woman you're going places :)

Paula said...

how pretty is that.. you must have patience of a saint!!!