Monday, October 15, 2007

Feeling a little tired.

While I wanted to be away at SENZ this weekend, it wasn't to be and instead I was at Rally camp. Rally is similar to Guides/Scouts and I've been a somewhat reluctant leader this year (due to lack of time mostly). Despite my disorganised state we managed to take 18 kids from our Rally and joined with others from the district - about 100 kids in total. We had a fantastic time. Junk food, lots of mud and talking till late at night.

I guess the best thing for me was the realisation that I could keep up with the kids. We took them on a long walk up a hill and down the other side and back along the Hutt river. I was the leader at the front - keeping up with the kids running ahead. Keeping up! This is big - in the past I would have been the leader at the back, puffing and red faced and struggling to keep up. O.K - so I was still puffing and red faced at times but only cause I ran. And I played a game of basketball - and kept up - even with ugg boots on! It's amazing what a difference 60kgs less can make ... and lots of cups of coffee, coke zero and the occasional panadol tablet.

On the scrapping front... I have been working hard with the October SE kit. (Layouts to be seen soon.) And I did my first 6 x 12 layout for Scrap of Faith's birthday competition.
Might just have to do some more this size to match.

Oh and it was my first 'blogiversary' last week. Can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year. I'm feeling kinda generous right now, so how about everyone leaves me a comment on this post and I will draw a name sometime later in the week and send out a little rakking goodness. (This is the time for all you lurkers to come out of hiding and let me know you're reading - please.)


Hannah said...

It is so tiring keeping up with kids! Rob and I used to run the 11-13 year old Kids Church group and we took them on camps. Why?? Anyway, I know what you mean about needing caffeine and panadol! LOL. But I have to say you are amazing for having achieved such a great weight loss, and it's great that you were able to really feel and appreciate the benefits of that change over the w/e!

Great layout for SOF too, love that size.

Yvette said...

Wow, wow, wow!

Good on you for volunteering in the first place, it is so hard but worth it for the kids. I too have been a volunteer for childrens activities, youth groups, toddler music, Sunday School. Been to camps and over nights and I now wish I had known about caffiene more back then!

Well done on the weight loss, that is an awesome acheievement, and a wonderful role model.

And I LOVE the layout, gorgeous colours.

Annelie Maddock said...

Wow, that's a stunning LO! I'd like to try that format, but I'm a little bit scared... :)

Janine said...

well done on keeping up with the kids, I would be the one at the back lol. I have to say I love teh 6x12 size and have a few in that size. Now I just completed the Friday challenge in those same colours :-). Happy blogaversary.

Rochelle said...

Good on you for keeping up with those kids! Wow I had no idea you had such a sucess at getting to your weightloss goal, that's a massive achievment!! Go you!!
The colours you have used in your layout are really lovely together :) Keep up with your great blog, I do enjoy reading it! :)

miss~nance said...

Love you 6x12 LO - the colurs look fab.

Congrats on a year of blogging.

I use to be a girls brigade helper and I remember those week ends a lot of fun, noise and not much sleep.

Donna aka Deebee said...

Bev, happy blog-anniversary. Ok, I 'fess' up that I'm one of those dreaded lurkers. I'm getting the feel of blogland and trying to understand why bloggers put their lives online?? Bev, I love reading your blog when I get the chance and am constantly inspired scrapwise and personally. WTG for keeping up with the kids.

Ann said...

Good on you for keeping up with the kids and happy

Trina said...

Yep, I'm a lurker. Hehehe. Love that page. Still haven't tried that size yet. Too chicken. LOL.

Go you on the rally and keeping up with them. Awesome.


Karen L said...

Oh Beverley, hearing you talk about Rally brings back fond memories of my youth. I used to go to EGR and I was even a Rally leader right up until I got married and moved away from my home town.
Love your new Layout for Scrap of Faith. Like that size - think I might have to have a go at doing one that size myself too.

Meg McKenzie said...

Beautiful layout Beverley - on my list of things to try that size!!!!
WTG you for taking that very fun looking group on camp!

Shell said...

Happy blogaversary :D LOVE your LO... haven't tried a 6 x 12 yet but definitely on the list of things to do! and GO YOU!!! regarding the weight loss... so cool that you are able to do the things you want to do now... I bet you slept well at the end of the weekend! LOL

Angella said...

Good on you! And another talented scrapbooker - great layout!

I'd love to learn. Between you and Hannah, I am inspired!

And happy blogiversary!

Mrs Frizz said...

Wow, love your teal layout ... awesome ...

And good on you for being a rally leader and going on rally camp. Special memories to treasure for years to come for both yourself and the children attending the rally.