Saturday, December 01, 2007

Creating stuff.

Well, life seems to have returned to a more normal pace this week - maybe I'm just more relaxed and just taking it as it comes.

I've even had time to be a little creative - Christmas presents in mind. I got the sewing machine out yesterday. I even changed the needle cos it was blunt from only sewing paper for the last year or so. Needed to get the iron out too - had to blow the dust off it! And as a really telling sign of how often it comes out ... Jessi came along and said "Mummy what are you doing?" Then I had to answer a million questions about the 'ironer.'

I've been playing a bit over at Scrapbook Outlet with their Christmas Gala festivities. I love how challenges create deadlines to get stuff done by, then I can tick them off my list of things I was meaning to get done at some point anyway.

This is my little box I wrote the instructions for in the SE kit a couple of months ago. Just used Christmas paper this time and jazzed up the bow a bit and added glitter cause Lara's challenge was to use two types of things that sparkle.

These little gift bags were for one of Trina's challenges. I opened up my Queen and Co fontastics purse to get the template - and yes, I bought the fontastics because of the cute packaging - the letters were just a bonus!

So now I have three little packages ready to fill with something small and yummy for teachers/coaches gifts.

And my friend and I have been playing with jewelry a bit. Mostly for Chrissie presents but maybe to sell as well. She has lots of these black cord necklaces and I've been coming up with ideas to make them look cool. Just wish I had more time to play around with some more ideas.

Love getting stuff done and being creative at the same time. Speaking of which - the kids are in bed, I've gotta go make something...


Yvette said...

You've got some gorgeous creating happening at your place. LOL at having to explain what an iron is to your daughter! I love all the cute little gift boxes!

Janine aka Angel gurl said...

I agreee some stunning creativity going on at your place. I finished both cjs and wil drop them off to kelly today. I have been busy creating xmas pressies too. Alas I don;t sew or iron lol.

Hannah said...

Wow, you really have been busy creating!! Gorgeous stuff, Beverley!
LOL at the ironing ... just before Ethan started school I went a bit crazy ironing name tags on his clothing, and both the boys asked me what I was doing!!! I do NOT iron!!!

Trina said...

Gorgeous Beverley! Loving your work!

Delys said...

awesome stuff Bev!

Mrs Frizz said...

That is one super duper wee Christmas box my friend ... looks awesome.

Laughed at the ironing and the sewing on real fabric ... too cute.

Sounds as tho you have been busy being creative and that's got to be good for you.

Ali said...

Wow am loving those necklaces - how cool Beverly!