Monday, November 26, 2007


That would be the sound of life going past at an alarming rate.

The last two weeks have been crazy.

  • There are playgroup Christmas Craft activities to plan and prepare. Last week we did calendars with handprints. I gave them a choice of poems to put on them this is my favourite:

This isn't just a butterfly
As you can plainly see
I made it with my hand
Which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love
just so you can recall
exactly how my fingers looked
when I was very small.

And today we made Christmas trees. The mums and dads had to help a bit but they all seemed pleased with the results.

Next week I will have come up with a tree decoration using some really funky felt shapes I ordered, or maybe a card would be cool. And we have gift boxes to decorate with glitter and other such messy stuff.

  • Rally crafts and end of year events to organise. We just had our prizegiving service/ shared dinner yesterday - which went really well but took a lot of preparing. I had to be organised and order stuff like badges ahead of time so that they could be posted to me. And getting cups/trophies engraved takes a bit of planning. And then working out who earned what badge when I lost the bit of paper with those details on.... And then there was the small matter of making sure everyone had a uniform to wear - totally forgot about my own kids uniform which was still sitting in the wash pile!
Only one more rally night this year. We have a bouncy castle booked and I have a kit to make little peg angels to hang on the Christmas Tree. I suppose a special supper would also be nice. Oh and I used photos from the recent Rally camp in Stacey Julian's finishing line class at CC so I had to have that album finished for the parents to see yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph it - so there's no pretty picture for you to see.

  • RE (religious education) lessons continue each week and take a bit of preparation time too. Starting on the Christmas lessons this week - more opportunity for Christmas crafts - planning for this takes a bit of thought as I have 35 kids and only 30 mins.
  • And then there was the crazy idea of teaching the ladies group from Church a scrapbooking related project at Kiwiscraps. They made one of these:
That was on Friday night. It was fun but a bit different teaching people I know - they made sarcastic comments if I was too bossy! Lots of them bought extra supplies so they could make another one at home - some Christmas present planning going on I think. We are getting together tomorrow night too for a fancy dinner and have to do the Christmas prezzie swap thing - so I'm making a quick gift for that.

This week seems a little less busy. Jessi has her ballet concert on the weekend. Actually she has to do three concerts over the weekend and practices leading up to it.

Alexander has a couple of birthday parties to attend.

Rebekah has a school trip tomorrow and I'm parent helping - gotta bring my togs apparently!

Oh and I heard that I need to post off the Christmas presents to England this week if they are to get there in time. I found the perfect present for Grace last week when I was out shopping with Mum. I have Angela's present planned but not made and no idea what to get Tim.

OK gotta make the family some dinner before I go out to weight watchers. It will be interesting to see what affect a busy week has on weightloss. I've been too busy to exercise lots but also too busy to eat too much...


Hannah said...

Wow! How do you do it?! You're amazing, Beverley. I know I'm working long hours right now but that's nothing compared to all the prep and planning and organising you have been doing! It's quite a task to plan activities, crafts and lessons, so I'm amazed at your abilities and endurance!

Yvette said...

So busy girl. And what cool things you are doing. I love the thing you made with your chruch wpmans group, very cool. This week still sounds very busy with dance rehearsals and recitals etc.

Karen L said...

Wow Beverley you really do sound like life is flying by. This is such a busy time of year. It is great to hear you talking about Rally. It brings back so many happy memories of my days growing up.

miss~nance said...

What a busy life you have Beverly. I could hear it wooshing by as I was reading.

Loved the Chrissy tree, what was it made form?????



Debbie said...

I was just going to ask the same thing Hannah! I thought i was busy! You are a total machine!

YOu are also a very talented woman. I hope it went well at WW last night.

Janine said...

you certainly have had a busy time!! Was exhausted reading what you have been up to and will be doing. Enjoy the nexy few weeks.

Angella said...

And I thought I was busy!

You ARE supermom!

Mrs Frizz said...

Love the project that your taught your ladies and it's great to hear that some of them went away with extra bits and pieces to make another one. That rocks!!!!