Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well, the Santa parade went well. Rebekah sat and waved and behaved like royalty. I snuck out of Nic's class to take some photos at the start of the parade - so there are now loads of photos to remember the occasion by.

Crafting Connection was lots of fun. Staying in the hotel was so convenient and luxurious - not so sure about that glass wall in the bathroom - what were they thinking?

Thanks for being a great room mate Ali.

The classes were fun - even the 'chaos 101' class that I TA'd for Nic. It's amazing how much mess can be made when a bunch of ladies are scrapping as fast as they can. I'll have to take pics of the projects I did and give them a post of their own.

It was great to meet up with on-line friends and chat in real life.

It's taken me all week to recover - not sure why I'm so tired but I was kinda greatful for Louise's challenge deadline to help me unpack my scrapping bag and get scrapping again. This one is a lift from a layout by Dallas. Among other things I lifted, I really wanted to use a one word title like she had. So I spent a good part of today looking for a word that was a suitable length, described Jessi and used each letter only once. (My pack of alphas only had one of each letter in it.)

Simple - but it works I think.

Best of luck to those of you who applied for the new SE design team. The waiting part is always the hardest.


Janine said...

Miss Jessi is very how you have used those photos and the circle photo is cute. Glad it went well for Rebekah. Sounds like it was a fun weekend of crafting.

Vicki said...

What a busy weekend. Bet Rebekah talks about that parade for a few years to come - great photo.

Yvette said...

Cute photo of Rebekah, what a memory to have.
And another cool layout. I love the butterfly with the bling trail.

Hannah said...

Rebekah looks very lovely in that photo, I'm sure the parade will be a wonderful memory for her.

Great layout and I LOVE the title you chose! Perfect!

Shell said...

Great photos to scrap!! Sounds like a fantastic weekend :)

Haylee said...

Hey Beverley thanks so much for my birthday present. I love the notebook, it is so sute, and the little packet of things will definitely be useful!

Megan said...

Wow, how cool is that!!! I bet she had a ball. I heard CC was a blast. A shame I missed it once again, but glad you had a great time!!

Ali said...

Hey what do you know, I'm on your blog, how cool is that? I had a blast at CC too and it was great getting to know you better. I still giggle about that bloomin' alarm clock going off at 5.30am!