Thursday, December 06, 2007

Since I last wrote...

Jessi's ballet concerts went well. Before the third one on Sunday afternoon she got the grizzles and I wasn't even sure she'd go on stage but she did, and she did well and even did the cutest little curtsy at the end. She was in the youngest pre-school group and when they came out in their little animal costumes there was a ripple of ohhhh's throughout the audience - they were so cute!

I was playing with my camera during the concert - trying out the different settings, challenging myself to get in focus photos not using the flash from my seat near the back of the theatre ... until a rather annoyed voice said 'no camera's please!' So I put it away until Jessi came out then I sneaked another few photos. I have lots of dressing room photos - spot the scrapbooking Mum!

She's the one in the middle with both arms in the air. And after the last concert - while we waited for a ride home Jessi practiced her photography skills.

Pretty good for a three year old - atleast I'm in focus!

On Monday at playgroup we had a visit from Old McDonalds farm. Another 'spot the scrapbooking Mum' moment....

Not so much crafty stuff happening this week. Apart from a few Christmas cards, tree decorations for playgroup, gift boxes for CRE, peg angels for Rally ... stuff that just happens without me remembering to take a photo.

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Hannah said...

Awww, she looks so cute!! You must have been very proud. Isn't it funny how we tend to take our cameras everywhere with us once we start scrapbooking?! LOL :-)

No chicken pox here ... hoping we missed it this time ... so looking forward to meeting you in just over a week!

Karen L said...

How cute does she look. So glad you got photos of the moment.