Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Three Things.

1. Well, I failed miserably with my focus goal! But that's o.k cause it's a new day, new week and I can try again.

2. Why is it, that every time I hang washing on the line - it rains? It was a beautiful sun shiny day when I put the washing out but now it's foggy and wet. I refuse to get the washing in just yet .... cause you know when I do the sun will come out!

3. Just wanted to show you my cool letters.

This is one of my layouts for the June kit at Scrapbook Essentials. I covered the letters with green bazzil and then stamped on them with my new 'script' stamp I got from SENZ and my new souffle pen which I also got from SENZ. And then I covered them with that liquid glass stuff.


Meg McKenzie said...

love those letters Beverley - knew I should have bought that script stamp when I saw it at SENZ!!!!

Hannah said...

Wow, those letters are so cool!! Great technique!

Kelly said...

Those letters DO look yummy.... I have a couple of glaze pens and souffle pens... still trying things out with them to get the effect I thought they'd be giving. THe white glaze is GREAT on photos!

Ann said...

Your letters look fab Beverley, script stamps are great to have aren't they.

Karen L said...

love your letters too Bev - have a script stamp on order and can't wait to get it. They are so versatile.
As you said "a new day" so a new day to "focus". All the best.