Monday, June 04, 2007


I finally completed my little birdie layout that Tia Bennett did at freestyle. This is the needle felting one - the birds red bits are needle felted. The photo was taken by Trace at SENZ last weekend - makes a change from photos taken by one of the kids.
So if that little bird could say one word to me today it would be focus. I'm thinking about focussing on the goal. The weightloss goal. I've come so far but I'm not there yet and I need to focus. When I lost that 50kgs I was focussed. I wrote down every little bite I ate, I exercised - a lot, I visualised, I studied and researched weightloss theories ... I was focussed. Now, I've let life take over a bit. Sometimes I'm too busy to stop and write down what I eat, sometimes I don't have time to park further away and walk, sometimes life is just too fast.
But today I'm coming back to that one little word ... focus. Today I went out and walked before breakfast. I'm in Dunedin - I walked in the frost. It was -2 degrees and I couldn't feel my nose, but I walked. I saw some beautiful frosty sights too, tomorrow I may just walk with my camera.
In the bible there is a verse that talks about pressing on towards the goal, fixing my eyes on the author and perfector of my faith. It's talking about the Spiritual goal of heaven but the same thing applies to this goal. I need to press on, to focus on my efforts that will help me move closer to the goal but I also need to fix my eyes on the goal itself. When I first started I didn't dare set for myself a goal like 67 kgs. My goal was to get under 100kgs. Somewhere along the way that goal has changed and now here it is, 15 kgs away. It's within reach, I can see it and so I will set my eyes on that goal and press on till I get there.
I will get there. Today I will focus.


Mrs Frizz said...

Focus and don't lose sight of your goal. Well done you for getting back on track. We had a lovely frost in the deep south ourselves overnight. A little chill in the air shall we say ... lol!

Sandra said...

Go you Beverly!!! Cheering you on all the way here.

Janine said...

Awesome layout, I love that photo and the layout is stunning. Brrr at that cold weather though. Love your word and well done on that weightloss that is awesome!!!

Hannah said...

You will SOOOOO get there, Bev! I believe in you! You've done so well so far and you will get to your goal - I'm cheering you on from the sidelines! Keep looking toward the goal, the finish line, the end is in sight!! I also LOVE that scripture and you definitely can apply it here as well. Keep your eyes on the goal, it is hard work along the way but what is in store for you at the end will be worth every bit!!

Donna Springgay said...

Wow Bev thats pretty inspiring stuff! I can't belive that you were ever 100kgs. I have just started back on the weightloss bandwagon. I might need to come and see you and get some tips.
Thnaks bev you give me hope. that bible verse is one I've written out for myself. It's come up so much lately. don't you just love it when god shout at you!!

Well done you hope senz was awesome!
Donna s

Meg McKenzie said...

Gorgeous GORGEOUS layout Beverley - well done on getting a goal to work towards, it makes all the effort so worthwhile - cheering you on from Invers!!!

Meg McKenzie said...

Gorgeous GORGEOUS layout Beverley - well done on getting a goal to work towards, it makes all the effort so worthwhile - cheering you on from Invers!!!

Karen L said...

Gorgeous Layout Beverley. Just love your little birdie. Would love to do a felt one like that also. I can so identify with you re the focus - it is the business of life- am having the same struggles myself. Need to focus and find time to get back to the gym. I have way too many kilo's too loose also.