Friday, June 15, 2007

The new and the old.

The New.
I've been playing ... trying out a fresh new look. Gotta get me a flash new header thing to go with it now.

The Old.
My collection of lace has expanded over the last week or so. Did you know that antique shops often have very cool collections of lace and other bits and pieces which can be very useful for crafty stuff?

I spent a bit of time last week doing the antique shops of Dunedin with Mum and her sister. Mostly saw a bunch of old boring stuff but then I worked out what to look for. Buttons - lots of cool ones just like Grandma used to have. Ribbons and Laces - some very antiquey looking and most very reasonably priced - 10cents a metre. Hat pins/broaches and bling stuff. And little chests, boxes, baskets to keep all the stuff in.

I've just looked at the time - 3pm ... better go get the kids from school.


Hannah said...

Love the new look blog, Beverley!! Very nice! I'm starting to buy lace too, I am working on a ME layout and have white & pink lace to use. Looking forward to working with something new!

Mrs Frizz said...

Wow ... you have got what I would call a 'lace collection'.

Karen L said...

What a great collection you have - looking forward to seeing how you use it.

Janine said...

waves to you, hi Beverley. Love your collection and what better palce to explore than Dunedin.