Saturday, December 02, 2006

On the second day of Christmas...

... my true love gave to me two kumera
And a pukeko in a ponga tree.

And the second day is done!

Please excuse the quality of the scan - my camera is in the car and it's cold and dark and I didn't want to go outside to get it!

This is Christmas dinner on the farm in Invercargill (a few years ago, but things haven't changed much, except that I'm 50kgs lighter!) Note how we dress up the table but we didn't bother to get dressed up ourselves. Love how the table can look all flash but we are sitting on all available chairs - the computer chair, the piano stool ... Do you remember sitting on the piano stool for Christmas dinner? That must be a tradition all of it's own in our family!

So I'm ready for day number three Janine!


Janine said...

oh Beverley well done on completing page two. Tonight painted the covers of my album! Just need to work on the ready and journalling done!! Love the idea of the mini album it's so doable. Love reading about your xmas dinner.....had a giggle about the seating arrangements.

karen - girlfriday said...

Love page two. We are the same ... my brother's wife likes to dress up and usually organises her family in their best clothes, but I'm usually having Christmas dinner (lunch) in whatever clothes I pulled on in the morning to coordinate breakfast dishes, hot food for lunch and phone directions for the friends who get lost ... every year!!

Hannah said...

LOL, I remember the piano stool thing too!! What a random but totally awesome memory! You made me smile, remembering my childhood Christmases ;-)

You are doing so well, completing all these challenges so quickly!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Beverley, I laughed, I think that's the same for most households grabbing any spare seating possible.. are you serious tho, 50kg litter.. your amazing well done!!!!!
By the way it's a lovely page this little book will be such a treasure.

Gillian Hamilton said...

oh me again, one really should spell check before posting a comment.. I meant to say lighter!!! not litter... ooops!