Friday, March 07, 2008

My new favourite product.

This stuff:

Strano ribbon stiff. I know I'm a little behind the game plan on this one - there was lots of talk about it last year. But it's new to me. I ordered a bottle here and it arrived just yesterday.

It's designed to be used with ribbon to make the ends not fray when you cut it and can be used as an adhesive to add ribbon to your page. (No more fraying ribbons on the girls pretty dresses and hair accessories.)

I painted some on a piece of fabric (it's a bit like p.v.a. glue) and when it dried I was able to cut out these letters just like the fabric was paper - only easier cause it was still flexible and didn't rip. And I could even draw on them with my black ink pen without it bleeding into the fabric. Magic!!!

And cause the fabric was a bit like paper I could even fold it and the folds stayed in place - I couldn't even do that with the iron when I tried the night before. This was a really floppy, fine fabric before it was ribbon stiffed.

It says on the bottle that you can use punches on the ribbon too. I'm not sure if that would extend to cutting in a cricut - I don't have one to try. But I'm going to try using my Fiskars ShapeXpress that should be fun.

And a layout to share.

Because I bought a couple (lots) of new Making Memories papers yesterday and then discovered my stash of beautiful papers I already had. So I thought I'd better use some instead of collecting them like a magpie. ;o)


Trace said...

Hee hee hee is that Easter egg to taunt us, or are you sitting there looking at it, while it says 'eat me' LOL. Love the layout Beverley, and lets face it, as scrapbookers, there's a little bit of magpie in all of us! Love those cards, from your last post, just stunning.

Hannah said...

I'm definitely going to have to get some of that! I hate when the ends of my ribbons fray.

The "Footprints" layout is great!

Have you heard (cousin) Hayley's news????????? Baby Smeaton on the way!

Vicki said...

Its been a while since I used "stiffy" but would never have thought about it for my layouts - love the lettering and the footprints layout.