Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The circle journal journey is complete ...

...almost. (Just waiting on mine to come home.)

I handed over both Kelly's and Janine's journals this afternoon. Janine was happy for me to take my time doing her 'Pamper' journal but I wanted to have it finished so that she had the option to take it to camp if she wanted. It weighs a ton though - so not sure if it'll fit in her luggage allowance! Here's a little sneak peak - you see Cloud 9 Chocolate Chalet papers there - yummy!

Wish I was going to camp too - it would be fun to see all the completed c.j's.

Thanks for your comments on the card - Julie I'll do up an instruction sheet for you - and anyone else that wants one. Maybe I could do my very first blog tutorial thing!

I have to figure out how to teach others to make it anyway because I've now made another one in a set of three cards for a class I'm planning.


Rochelle said...

The cards you have made are stunning. I would love to know how to make that beautiful purse, I can already think of a few friends who it would be perfect for :)
What a lovely thing you did in making that card to send overseas. I hope the girls share all the hard work that has gone into the CJ's, the last round was very cool.

Karen L said...

I would have to agree, Beverley these card are stunning - would love to know how you made the little handbag one. so cool. Your CJ looks really lovely too.

Shell said...

Me too please!!! You definitely have to do a tutorial cause that little handbag card is just perfect for mothers day!!! speaking of Mum's... mine was thrilled with the comment you left about her tiles... she sent me an email that said: I love Beverley!!! LOL

Gayle Smith said...

Is there any wany you could maybe do a class on those purses! They are amazing!