Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Parent Helper

Rebekah's class went on a trip to the beach today. They spent the whole day learning about surf and sun safety, playing on the beach and doing a little boogie boarding.

As a parent helper I had to be prepared to go in the water. I'm glad the sky looked like this for the whole day:

The cool southerly breeze wasn't so great, but it made for some fun waves atleast. I think I would have enjoyed myself if I didn't have a nasty little cold.


Trace said...

Oh hope you feel better soon Beverley. It never seizes to amaze me, how kids just don't seem to feel the cold, when there's water involved.

And me tease...never LOL!! Life just wouldn't be as much fun, without a little lighthearted bantering!

spgettie said...

I ope your little cold disappears quickly!
Oh so brave though going into the cold sea water! But I am sure there was much fun to be had by everyone!

Mrs Frizz said...

You're supposed to have kicked that cold goodbye ... so why haven't you then ... huh? huh? huh?