Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost Forgot

After 19 days of daily blogging I almost forgot to post today. As I said when I started Janine's photo a day challenge - the photo part was easy it's the blogging part I've really had to focus on. I'm feeling a little frustrated that in 19 days there has been no layouts to share - what little I have done in the last few weeks can't be shared here yet. I've really got to find some more scrapping time.

Today's photo - my toothless six year old and his toothfairy windfall.

And some photos for Mich from the pirate party of 2006:

The cake.

The treasure chest.

Can't remember the name of this game but the kids had to steal the keys and the kid with his eyes closed had to guess who did it.


Anonymous said...

Your 6 year old looks very cute with the gap!
When Tobyn had a pirate party my cake looked very similar except it was PINK. Yes pink and it was meant to be red. Funny to look back on!

Lynda said...

Wow cool cake Beverley.WTG MUM!!!

Trace said...

That's a pretty happy chappy holding up the money!! Love that pirate cake Beverley.

mummymoo said...

Ummmmmm yummmmmmy cake I will have to keep that idea in mind I am sure and I love the tooth fairy photo, I wish my boy would get somemore teeth full stop LOL All in good time I suppose :)

Angela said...

Love your pirate party, looks like it was a real humdinger.

Did you grow up in Tirau? I'm from Putaruru, what a small world?