Friday, February 15, 2008

Day Fifteen

A tissue paper flower.

Girls and Boys Rally started again last night. Given that I had procrastinated so much and we didn't have a leaders meeting beforehand I had to organise the whole night myself.

I based it around Valentines Day - which of course you would do given that it was the 14th of Feb and all. So we played rob the nest with those heart shaped message lollies. We had a treasure hunt for red jellybeans and cardboard hearts cut out with my fiskars shape cutter thingy.

The cardboard hearts had a memory verse which they had to figure out. Then I talked a little about how God is Love and how they can show love to others by being kind and thoughtful etc.

Then we made these tissue paper flowers. On the leaves (cut from the fiskars shape thingy again) they wrote out the memory verse so they can learn it at home. Some had trouble with the scrunch and turn technique but we got there in the end. Everyone had a perfectly unique flower to take home. (Some more unique than others!)

For supper I made heart shaped biscuits of course with a choice of pink or chocolate icing.

Might just organise that leaders meeting now so that I don't have to do it all myself next time!

And I've been doing real scrapping this week too.

I can only show you sneak peeks at the moment, unfortunately.

But I've been having fun and loving the process.

Today was a great scrapping day. I had no other pressing things to do. Jessi played happily behind me with a family of pretend butterflies. I scrapped all morning with her happily chatting non stop about everything. Every so often I would have to stop and cut a bit of sellotape for her or pat her pet dinosaur. It's the times like this I'll miss when she goes to school next year. I plan to make the most of this year!


Karen L said...

Hearing you talk about Every Girls Rally brings back some wonderful memories for me. Love the sound of your night with everything revolving around God's love. You sneak peeps look great too Beverley - can't wait to see the whole layouts.

Ilka said...

Wow you did really well organzing them and the activities sounded fun too!I'm sure they loved it.
Oh yummy sneaks! Hopefully we can see the complete works soon!
Playing with pretend butterflies... that sounds just endearing. Know what you mean, time flies so fast with our little ones and next thing you know they are teenagers;p

Trace said...

Hee hee hee totally get the 'some are more unique than others' LOL! Love those sneek peeks, looking forward to seeing the rest of the the sound of the gorgeous time you were having with Jessi.

Mrs Frizz said...

I'm going to complain to management ... are you listening?????

I want more than sneak peeks my friend ... they look delicious ...

Love the rose ... gorgeous.

Haylee said...

Wow that flower looks so real!