Thursday, December 13, 2007

Needing more hours...

in the day. I was up till 1 last night making a Christmas gift for a friend.
This was for Tara who looks after Jessi on Thursday mornings for an hour while I teach RE. Inside the bag is a pocket for the notebook and a matching pen. Not my best sewing effort but I know what to change for next time if I should ever make another one.

The RE team met for breakfast this morning. It was nice to sit and chat and I only ate fruit and yoghurt - the greasy sausage, bacon and eggs didn't even tempt me!

I've also sewed up three swimming bags for three little girl cousins - just gotta figure out how to make them different so they can tell them apart.

Oh and the fiskars news... I'm officially a Fiskars ambassador for NZ! Sounds flash aye. Still a little surreal that my name is in a list with some very cool NZ scrappers:

Andrea Senn

Beverley Warwick

Donna Meuli

Evana Willis

Jo Burney

Lesley Cooper

Lianne Gray

Thanks for asking me Trina. I get to play with Fiskars stuff at home and occasionally at Spotlight too - I think it's called demonstrating but doing something I love with tools that I love has gotta be more like playing than work right?

Jessi just looked outside and said "Hey I can't see out there it's all silvery" ... thats a pretty good description of fog I'd say! Might need to scrap a page about the Wellington fog we live in.


Vicki said...

You have been busy creating - great bag. I'm sure she will really like it. Congrats on the Fiskers team - does this mean we might see you at our CHCH Spotlight?

Hannah said...

Congrats on the Fiskars gig, Beverley!

Love that bag - you are so clever!

Can't wait to meet you on Saturday! There is internet in our holiday house in Tawa - woohoo!!