Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Feeling rather pleased with myself cos today I mailed out 20 handmade cards. Usually I think about making cards but never get around to it and end up sending nothing.

The design is not mine - I was lacking in inspiration until I found these cards by Zina Wright. The first five were a little different and then I settled into a production routine and they ended up looking like this:

Each one a messy, doodley, handmade original - just the way I've been feeling lately. No time for straight lines and perfect measuring. Which is probably why I haven't done any real scrapbooking lately. Which also means I totally missed the Up2Scrap submission deadline - nevermind, there's always next time.

I have a few more handmade gifts to make for Christmas - some scrapping related like finishing off mini album type things, a clipboard etc and some sewing related - not telling what those are!

I tried taking photos of our tree today - might have to try again sometime as this was the only decent photo!


Karen L said...

Gorgeous cards Beverley and you are so clever to get them done before Christmas. Haven't even managed to write any cards yet, never lone make some.

Shell said...

Well done on all the card making Beverley!!! You've definitely been busy and creative :) Still working on mine... but I did get 2 posted away LOL

Hannah said...

Those cards are fabulous! Well done you!! I'm not sending any this year ... too slack!

Vicki said...

I'm not sending any either so good on you for finding the time to make them. They look fabulous. Will copy and paste the idea - maybe next year!

Yvette said...

Well done Beverley!!! The cards are very cool!