Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's party time.

Eight years ago, today, after waiting what seemed like forever - and then another 10 days, I walked into hospital expecting my life to change forever. Eight years ago, it did change - I became a mother for the first time.

And now she is 8. I haven't got any cute baby pics to show you - that was before we went digital. But I can show you a few from today.

The Cake.

The candles.

The naked torsos.

Choosing the papers.

Dressing the models.

The finished project.

The party bags.


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Rebekah!!

Bev, I just love that cake! It's gorgeous.

And what a fabulous idea for a party activity! I bet the girls had a wonderful time choosing their scrapping supplies and decorating their ladies. Such a fun idea!

Kelly said...

Wow! what a great party idea! The girls look like they are having a blast!!
Great cake too.
Happy 8th Rebekah!

Janine said...

Happy Birthday Rebekah

Wow the girls would have had fun decorating the torsos and I love the goodie bags you made. Lovely cake too. Looks like they had a blast.

Debbie said...

awww what an awesome cake and birthday activities....rebekah can i pretty please come to your next party, looks like lots of fun!

"Happy 8th Birthday Rebeka"

donna springgay said...

bev those party bags totally rock i love them!
You are sich a cool mum!

Donna S said...

Note to self: check spelling before hitting submit It was meant to say you are SUCH a cool mum LOL

Tim & Angela said...

Those party bags are soooooo cool, must be the coolest party bags I have ever seen. Grace has loved looking at all her cousins this morning. She still recognises them and knows their names. Usually after she's seen their photo's she asks for Jessie all day long. We miss you guys lots!