Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm baaaaaack.

Two and a half days spent in bed .... mostly.

Venturing as far as the kitchen every so often and then the computer - so I could sit down and rest!

On Saturday I announced to the kids when they came running into the bedroom screaming 'Muuuuuuuuummmmmmmm' ... 'There is no Mum in this house today - only a sick lady who wants to go back to sleep!'

Today I'm feeling good.

Today my three kids went to a friends house for the day, while I spent the day at Kiwiscraps - teaching 22 other kids the fine art of beginning scrapbooking.

Today I went to weight-watchers and lost 1.8kgs! (That's what happens when you spend a few days with a cold and don't eat like usual.)

Today I have started preparing for Rebekah's birthday on Wednesday. (Actually stressing slightly cause she has no presents to open cause I haven't bought any yet!)

Today I might just finish the layout that's been sitting on my desk all week - waiting for me to get better.

Today I can think of some happy things to write in the blue day c.j. (Which I have until Monday by the way Janine - so you can have a look through sometime before then maybe?)

Tomorrow (cause that comes after today) we have some people coming to put insulation under our house and in the roof space. Did you know how much stuff we have in storage under our house and in the roof? There's lots and lots and it all had to be moved in preparation - so the kids are playing with christmas decorations and suitcases.

And just for a second, when I saw the baby's bassinet ... I remembered what it was like to have a teeny tiny baby in the house. And then Jessi hit Alexander with the giant candy cane and there was screaming and yelling and no, there will be no more babies in this house!


Janine said...

Had a we giggle at the baby thing and then the reality check and the comment that followed. Glad to hear you are feeling better. How about we catch up after Miss Rebekahs birthday I figure you have a lot on. I can take a quick look and will send my pages onto Debbie. BTW awesome news on the weight loss. Even if you were sick, thats still a good loss.

Hannah said...

Sorry you've been sick Beverley, but glad to hear you're feeling better now. Like Janine I also chuckled at the baby comment ;-)

Good luck getting everything done - I know you will!

Debbie said...

Beverly, really sorry to hear that you haven't been well....Hope that the day of classes at Kiwi Scraps went well and that Rebekah has an awesome birthday.

Kelly said...

Gald to hear you are feeling better. Wish I could just collapse for a couple of days in bed!! :)

Love that baby..... babies should always look like this (classic sleeping pose and all!!) - However, the Mr's downstairs always manage to remind us that babies do not stay like that at all!!

Ann said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, over the school holidays is a rotten time to be sick.

I had to chuckle at your reality check....if only babies would stay that way huh?

It's Josh's birthday on Thursday so i'm a bit like you at the moment...good luck with the birthday planning.

Christi said...

Beverley - sorry you have been sick! But yay on that weight loss ;) Also when I saw the baby photo I thought it was one of those real life looking dolls lol. Sooooooooo cute! Hmmmmm, I'm thinking I might go another round lol ;)

Mrs Frizz said...

Hope all the bugs have now gone to someone else's house and that you are now running on all 8 cylinders.

Sounds as tho you had a lot of fun with some young scrappers.

Happy belated birthday young lady.