Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow - have I just had fun!

Over at Scrapbook Outlet we've just been cyber cropping with Elsie Flannigan!!!! So very fun.

She set us a challenge to doodle on a photo, then stick it on a layout - in 30mins. Well, I don't think I've scrapped so fast ever!

I had a photo of Jessi, which I've been pulling out and then putting back in the too hard basket for ages. Tonight I grabbed it and started doodling. Slapped it on a layout with a flower that somebody rakked me once and time was up!

I'll go back and finish doodling at some point and take a better photo of it in daylight. You should see some of the layouts that people did - amazing with such a short deadline.

A short post, I know, - just wanted to brag about chatting with Elsie!


Hannah said...

I've read on a few blogs about the challenge with Elsie - and seen some of the layouts! Sounds like it was a fun time, and the layouts are great. I'm not one to scrap so fast either, and I've only doodled once! So it would have been waaaaay out of my comfort zone, lol ;-) Glad you had so much fun though!

Janine said...

wow love that photo. I like the coloir combo you used, I am so impressed 30 mins is awesome!!