Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Space

This is a corner of a photo I took for Tanya Leigh's circle journal. She wanted to see my scrap space - actually she wanted to see me in it too!

You don't get to see me here but you do see - the horrible orangey curtains in my lounge, the layouts I currently have on display, the basket I got for Christmas - haven't decided what exactly I want to keep in there yet.

I did a quick tidy up before taking the photo but it still looks messy. I think I might need to invest in some matching storage containers - something a little more classy than the matching pizza boxes I currently have stacked up beside me!

And another yummy paper range I've found - this one from the fiskars blog. Cloud 9 Chocolate Chalet. Really sounds good enough to eat!

Speaking of the fiskars blog, you probably already know, but incase you didn't, they currently have a chance to win a rak. And did you see Donna's valentines canvas? Totally loving her style - so beautiful.

By the way - the fun colourful stuff in the last post is by Glitz Design.


Hannah said...

Such a great idea to keep layouts on display like that! And we kind of do get to see you, on that layout you did for Up2Scrap! ;-)
I want to get myself one of those special stands so I can display my favourite layout in the living room (on the piano or somewhere).

LOVE that paper line - yummy!

Yvette said...

Cool photo of your space. And like Hannah I was thinking we do see you in the photo because of the layout for up2scrap. I love how you have some layouts displayed, must do that myself.

LOVE that scrummy, delicious, choclately looking line, mmm.

Mrs Frizz said...

Gorgeous looking papers to play with ... hmmmmm ... hmmmmm.

I spied you as well in your layout.

Thank you for sharing.

Donna said...

Aww, (blushing)... thank you for the mention!
I was just chuckling about your matching pizza boxes. Sounds like my matching set!! All with my name on too...LOL. I have an embarrasing amount of pizza boxes that really need sorting out!