Thursday, February 07, 2008

Schools Back!

And I didn't even think of getting a pic of the scrubbed faces, short haircuts and new bags.

Actually only one kid has had a haircut - Alexander needs one but I haven't managed to get it done yet, only one has a new bag - no sense in replacing a perfectly good bag just cause it's the start of a new year and they probably both had breakfast on their faces cause I don't remember making them wash them!

But I was pretty darn proud that I was super organised this morning, even had time to put a load of washing on and walk them to school.

It was rather nice to then meet up with Kelly and Janine for coffee and a c.j handover (will be even better when Jessi gets to morning kindy).

Made a quick visit to Spotlight today when Jessi was at kindy.

So tonight I'm going to whip up 5 pairs of butterfly wings and 5 little take home bags. Yep - I'm one of 'those' parents. Maybe a little over the top but I like birthday parties and she'll only turn 4 once.


Anonymous said...

What kind of scrapbooker are you?! Just kidding! You could take a photo tomorrow and nobody would be any the wiser ;-)

Sounds like you had a great day today - coffee with friends and shopping, such bliss!

Anonymous said...

In my world you rock because I think its great that you are whipping up some butterfly wings. Hope we get to see the finished product.

Yvette said...

Aww, cute little girl material. I say enjoy these birthday years and be one of 'those' mothers, your entitled to.

Vicki said...

Nothing wrong with being one of "those" mothers. She's a lucky girl.

Trace said...

You could always whip up an extra one, for the kindy...can never have enough dress ups! LOL. I bet the kids just love them, what a cool present to send them home with.

Mrs Frizz said...

School, coffee, shopping, what more could a girl want.

Awesome, you will have to share the goodies bags and wings.