Friday, February 29, 2008

I made it!

Day 29 and I've fulfilled two goals. To take a photo every day and to blog daily too.

So today's photo:

We were discussing on the SE forum about how we all came by our user names. Some have very interesting tales to tell, for some it's not rocket science, for me it's a fishy tale ...

Back in the day's when I was a student I had a thing for fish. Cute fish not slimy, smelly bait and rod sorts. When I got married it seemed that people knew this - we got lots of fishy gifts, including this cookie canister thing from my sister. (Photo 29)

Anyway, when it came to thinking up a forum name it had to be something fishy. Fish blow bubbles and bubbles starts with B just like Beverley (that's the phonetical teacher in me) and in a past life I was a bubbly person. (Now I'm all grown up and sensible and far too tired to be bubbly.) So that's it - probably not an interesting tale but a fishy one atleast.

And a little look at something I've been working on this week:

I was hoping some magazine might want to publish this one - of course if they don't, I can use it here to make my blog look pretty.

Have a good weekend everyone. I'm off to 'ladies night' with the Church ladies - I think we are painting our fingernails... and I'm taking my camera cause I need photos for Janine's pamper me circle journal which should be here any day now.

Oh and Christi - the cupcake holder - it still cost way more than my modest budget would generally allow - but I'm getting good at serving up rice and peas creatively so that the grocery money can be redistributed to other ... things. (My dh reads this so I'm not telling exactly how much!)


Anonymous said...

OMG that LO looks STUNNING I would love to see it all, is that tatting in the background?? OMG did you do it? It is on my retirement list LOL to learn to tat!!

Hope you have an awsome night with the girls LOL See ya

Vicki said...

Wow - can't wait to see the whole of that layout. Its looks gorgeous.

Enjoy your pampering.

Anonymous said...

The sneak peek looks amazing!

Have a fun girl's night :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I can hear "we want more,we want more".LOL
Great Layout Beverley.So when do we get to see more??

Hey my nickname is Bubbles,I have been Bubbles since 3rd form at school.

Hey congratulations on your photo's this month.I didn't quite make it.My PC broke.

Trace said...

Liking that sneak peek, B for Beverley... and love that cupcake stand, it's just gorgeous.

Julie said...

Oh wow that sneaky peek looks very cool!
Have fun tonight at your ladies night, I cant remember the last time I painted my nails - lol!