Monday, February 11, 2008

The books.

I was going to take a pic of the huge pile of curled white paper backing from the coverseal but I guess the actual books are more interesting.

We went for the clear stuff this year - purely from a cost point of view. The kids got to choose a pack of stickers and then they went through my rather large pile of scrap papers to add a little colour.

I tried really, really hard to keep it simple and not spend too much time on them - I have 'real' scrapping to do!

Thanks for all your comments on the birthday thing. I have considered creating birthday parties for a job but in all reality I go to all that trouble for my kids cause they are mine and I love them. Not sure if the same craziness would take over if I didn't know the kid.

For now I'm happy trying to keep up with my few scrapbooking commitments... speaking of which - gotta go scrap something!


Hannah said...

The books look awesome, what a cool idea to use scraps and stickers with the clear coverseal. Hmm, may have to copy that one next year!

Do you think that the craziness would take over when you saw $$$ signs? Because you could honestly have a viable business doing parties. My SIL pays over $100 for each of her kids' birthday cakes and thinks it's a BARGAIN!! So there are people out there who a) can't bake or b) don't have time or c) aren't creative ... the thought of being PAID to help these people could conjure up some motivation ... maybe? ;-)

Angel Gurl said...

I wonder who has the dinosaurs?? lol. I thnk clear rocks and letting the kids pick stickers and some scrap supplies is a great idea......well you could always test the waters with one and see how it goes....

Anonymous said...

The books look cool and I bet no-one else has any like that! And I am willing to bet the kids love them too!
I was told a few years ago that I should do b'day parties and make costumes, but like you I just don't think I could do that for someone elses kids.