Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Wedding - in Pictures.

And maybe a few words too:

I met Hannah. She really is real and just as I imagined - only a little taller.

It was a picnic wedding - lots of very cool picnic baskets with yummy food inside.

The weather was great ... and so hot! The juice box was frozen to keep things cool.

My favourite part - chocolate and strawberries.

Oh and did I mention it was hot!


Julie said...

What a fabulous wedding that was! I love the idea of picnic baskets and that food looks soooo dreamy! How interesting that I never pictured Hannah as being taller - she has such a petite face - lol
Gorgoeus photo of the 2 of you - how wonderful you go tot meet up. isnt scrapbooking just the best - its opened so many doors and bought some stunning people into my life anyway :o)

Debbie said...

I agree what an awesome idea for a wedding - just love that idea! Love the photo of you and Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Hey bev congrats on the fiscars thing well done!
Also merry christmas!!
Also Murry scott and his wife had a baby girl on wednesday her name is isobella

Yvette said...

What a fabulous idea to have a picnic wedding! You and Hannah look adorable. It is such a small world when your friend is Hannah cousin and you live at different ends of the North Island!

Donna springgay said...

Opps!!! Im so no good at blogging anon Is Donna Springgay

Shell said...

What a cool idea having picnic baskets!!! LOVE the chocolate and strawberries :) Can't imagine Hannah being taller but the photo doesn't lie LOL Sounds like a great wedding :)

Hannah said...

Ah, you bet me to it!! LOL! I'll still post my photo tommorrow. I think you took more photos of the picnic food than me ... ;-)

Was very cool to meet you. I still can't get over how small the world is that we met up like that! So neat.

But I can't understand all the fuss about me being tall!! I'm only 5 foot 7! I was wearing heels!! ROFL! :-)

Karen L said...

What a neat idea for a wedding. A picnic - love the photos. That desert looks delicious. We went to a wedding also - photo on my blog.

Trace said...

You two look just goregous! Glad it was such a great day for the wedding.