Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Two colours only.

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last updated this thing. Not sure why the time goes faster at this time of year ... I guess life is kinda busy.

I've had a great scrapping day today. I got almost 2hrs without Jessi while she played at a friends, then they came here and played together - nicely, so I kept on scrapping!

So first up is my NZ Dare's layout. Use two colours only. I've used green and blue - yay for blue ink pads which help cover any white in the papers. That's my beautiful wee niece Grace walking in the English countryside somewhere far away. It's actually really hard doing layouts of other peoples kids - cos I never know what to journal about. If I was more organised I could have asked Angela to e-mail me some journaling. It's a pity when it's 2pm here it's 2am over there!

The next layout also happens to be about Grace. I have no idea what that thing is she's standing beside - I just really liked the wall behind her - the colour, the wiggly pipes, the writing.

This one is for Louise's challenge on her blog. She said no patterned paper! Well ... you could make your own - just not use any real stuff. Now, me using less than three patterned papers on a layout doesn't happen often. So I got busy and made a variety of papers to use.

  • The first is the base cardstock one - I dipped a piece of string in black paint and dropped it on the card. (Thanks kindy for teaching me that one!) Then I found a bead necklace lying on the floor and tried dipping that too! I made a mask by punching swirls in some paper and used my pink paint dabber to make the swirls. I added words to follow the lines and then just a touch of kindy glitz to make it sparkle.
  • The blue is just paint wiped on with a sponge.
  • The dark pink - I used sandpaper to rub over the paper while it was sitting on my script stamp - so the white bits are the pattern of the stamp.
  • The light pink has silver paint and silver stitching in wiggly lines.
Thanks for the challenge Louise - it was fun to think outside the 'patterned paper box' for a change.


Hannah said...

Great layouts, Beverley! Love the techniques you used to make your own paper - awesome! And your niece is a wee cutie :-)

Yvette said...

Very cool layouts! I thought about the string in paint idea too, glad I didn't do that! I also love the words added. You have really thought alot about those papers.
Love the no8 wired one too, the colours look so great together.

Haylee said...

Love your layouts. They are both gorgeous.

Kelly said...

Awesome stuff Beverley! I love the challenge paper techniques you have used - and still 3+ pps! Go you!
I said I would do the challenges - must check to see if I still have time....ooops!

Angela said...

Wow, you have been a busy beaver, you've done a great job with both of those challenges. I had every intention of doing Louises, until I realised what the day was. I probably would have used a similar technique, using string, or something, thanks to my Playcentre training!

Lisbet said...

I´m a designer at K-JOI studios and I have been looking at your welldesign and most delicate designs layouts. I really would like to see them at the gallery because they are really great. So I invite you to K-JOI and post.

If you also visit my blog I really want to link to you – but then I need you to leave a comment there. I want to add you to my blog inspiration round.

Hope to se you, both at K-Joi and my blog.

Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome papers Beverley ... they rock. Well done you ... you have well and truly thought outside the square.

Vicki said...

Fabulous layouts - loving the blue and green together.

Karen L said...

Fabulous layouts Beverley - love your own made patterned paper. It looks great - also love the colours of your first layout. Oh for uninterrupted scrapping time.

scrapgeek said...

What a gorgeous layout - congratulations on the Dare win :)